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P. Dreadie Memorial Group Grow 2016

Long-time THP veterans mourned the loss last August of Amarillo, Texas musician/songwriter/silversmith/chilehead Erin Mason, known to us here on the boards as P. Dreadie. Erin was an enigma, one of the most interesting and creative, yet gentle and loving guys I ever knew. Many of us may be unaware that he played harmonica in one of the original Austin, Texas bands of the early 1970s "Cosmic Cowboy" era, Alvin Crow and the Pleasant Valley Boys. When Erin decided to step off of Alvin's perpetually-touring bus and return to Amarillo, he travelled to Jamaica, fell in love with the Reggae beat, collected the best Scotch Bonnet fruit he could find, and his alter-ego Papa Dreadie was born.

In 2013 Erin sent me a few pods of the Scotch Bonnets he had been breeding, carefully selected descendants of the original fruit he brought back from the Caribbean all those years ago. I harvested every single seed from those pods, and stored them away, as I focused increasing attention on other varieties. When his wife Liz gave us the news last August that Erin had passed, I knew what I had to do with those seeds: a community grow in his memory. I have already shared about half of them, and I will continue to share them with experienced growers of the Scotch Bonnet until they are gone.

Papa Dreadie Scotch Bonnet Select, grown by Erin in 2013:



Lifetime memories posted by Liz Mason on Erin's FB page. Liz is an extremely talented professional photographer:


The legendary bus:

Yes it's going to grow really bushy. I think it will make a great bonshi!
I love reading this thread over and over again!

In some of the older post there are links present to some pieces of music. Unfortunately those links are no longer functional. Does anyone have those music files by accident? I would love to hear them! 🙂

While I'm writing this my mouth is burning from a smaller papa dreadie pod from my overwintered plant that I just picked and ate. Man that was a hot one! :hot:
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In the mean time I'm still awaiting the opening of the first flower... this seems to taker forever...:onfire:
Pod shape on the closest plant is great, Vivian!

@tsurrie - I will dig around in my seed box, Uros.
I'm sure there are lots of growers who would like
to share with you at season's end. I think I have a
decent amount of seed from A+ pods from my last

If your addy hasn't changed, I'll just go ahead and
send what I find if that's okay.
That's more than OK @PaulG , I would be very grateful. Scotch Bonnets are very high on my "favorites list" and P. Dreadie looks like one of the best strains.... I wish I had something for you in return but gardenwise, you're all covered, maybe someday, do you maybe have another hobby? :)
My overwintered Papa Dreadie getting quite large. It produces many flowers but only a few have set fruit so far. I wanted to repot it but I'm currently out of potting soil... 🙄

20220710 155749 DC-LX100M2 22.70mm f8 ISO250 P1000212.jpg

The Papa Dreadie G3 2021 produces lots of flowers and has set 3 pods sofar...

20220710 155802 DC-LX100M2 18.60mm f8 ISO200 P1000213.jpg

20220710 155330 DC-LX100M2 10.90mm f8 ISO200 P1000204.jpg