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Painting my garden


As there seems to be such a thing as OGLOGS, the only thing I can do is follow along.

The theme this year will be orange and blue. Or lovely chaos. I haven't quite decided yet.

For now It's still mostly preparations. I'll be adding compost, get some weeds before they take over and rummage around whenever I have the time.

Highlight of the day is my wasabi plant, overwintering in a cold spot in the garage, that decided to start and bloom. (Small buds on the bottom left of the plant in the pic.) Not sure if it's a good thing, or if it thinks it's dying and needs to reproduce. It's a first though, and I've had it for two years now. Curious to how the flowers will look once they go in full bloom mode.

I had a vole manifestation last season and they seemed quite fond of the rhubarb roots. I know rhubarb survives almost anything, but I hadn't dared hoped they would outlive the voles. (That race might very well be ongoing still.)
Guess who's going all out this season? 😁


My pepino seeds are soaking as we speak. Not sure if they need it, but there has to be a first time for H2O2 gardening, right?

Maybe sowing some flower seeds of my own harvest. But today is really slow, so there's a chance I'll just sit here and stare at my seeds.
Finally, I found the seed potatoes I kept from last year's harvest. Kept them dark and cold in the basement, so they wouldn't sprout to early or to much. 🙈

I put the second grow light into work, it's time to start up the eggplants and some light loving flowers and boost my mystery not-pepper seeds. The set-up looks rather eclectic. 😁