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Painting my garden

It's a never ending story today. Two big bags filled to the rim with compost and I need to empty them by filling and then riding my wheelbarrow to the other side of the allotment for what feels like a thousand times.

I never quite understand what I like about gardening till the job is done.

Right, of we go.


Going to the gym this morning, before a second 'compost transferring' day was not my wisest decision ever.

I get to play in mud though, which makes up for a lot.


You know those gardening magazines, with pictures of people wearing white blouses, having kempt hair and and overall serene look? Yeah, me neither.

it's supposed to be very good for the skin - I've never noticed any difference either :lol:
Just put some more tomato seeds in the soil. More than planned of course. I like to be consistent.


I managed to get some old Red Roselle seeds that I have next to the tomatoes now. Met's hope they will germinate.

My sweet potato, Radiosa, is sprouting, I'll be making cuttings when the sprouts are a bit bigger. My herbs (parsley and the likes) are coming along quite well.

Not doing anything: the marrowfat peas and the broad beans. They might have been eaten by pigeons. I'll have a look tomorrow. If they're gone, I'll sow some more, but will start inside.