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Painting my garden

I'm pre-sprouting my early seed potatoes. I will put them in soil the third week of March, if needed weatherwise, with a cover of fleece the first weeks. With any luck, I'll be harvesting them end of June. 🌟

This year I only have two varieties. (The third variety,... Well, have a look at the pic on the previous page. ) They're both seed potatoes from my own harvest, previous season. Both are very blight resistant, which I really like. One is vita bella, which actually keeps rather well for an early potato and is very tastefull baked. The other is a trial variety, BIM 12-499-4, a dark purple potato of excellent taste.

I'm placing them in a cold but light spot in the garage for the next few weeks, so they will grow some healthy, sturdy sprouts that will hopefully give them at least a weeks worth of head start in the time from planting to harvest.


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I always like to do some seed browsing there! Every now and then my wife goes shopping with her sisters and my mother in law, ofcourse being a man i will always find an excuse for not having to join them. Only when they decide to go shopping in Dordrecht (city in the Netherlands) i offer to drive and put up with their shopping mania for hours, just to end that horrible day with an hour of all out seed shopping at Vreeken seeds. 😁
It's time to collect my dahlia bulbs from the cellar and plant them in pots. That would make it just in time to take some cuttings from the early growth inside. We all know, you can never ever have to many dahlias.

And then there's the good news of the day, I have a second pepino seedling showing. I am always amazed those little seeds turn into very slooooooow growing seedlings that will (hopefully) deliver big-ass fruits at the end of the season. How? I mean, look at them now.

My blood is Frisian, but I immigrated to the other side of the country. It's a plate from my beppe, who gave it to my father and it ended up with me. It's not 'akkumer aardewerk', but it is Frysian! 😀 Well spotted, you have a sharp eye, sir.