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I made my Usual Pancakes (Buckwheat) on Sunday and used a spicy plum sauce I made (don't recall what pepper I added), went a bit over board with apples, drowned out the great taste of the pancakes lol. Added reconstituted prunes as well, topped with cinnamon. Still tasted great :)
Potato Pancakes from last night. Added Fava bean flour to thicken up and Seasoning with DeArbol/Chipotle to heat it up.
Great finger food.

Catching up.
1- Potato pancakes topped with Gruyère and mango apple habanero sauce.
2- Egg Yellow Pepper pancake, lots of Fife flour so not so much as Omelet, prefried peppers before adding the batter. Filled with Gruyère, topped with sprouts and Sriracha sauce.


Zucchini would be great in veggie pancakes. Potato and chive is killer and super simple to make. I mix grated with either instant mashed or potato starch. Personally i think Mangchi's mung bean batter pancakes are better with another egg and mix them in before adding all the veggies. A little chopped fresh oyster is really tasty too.