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PaulG 2020

those are beautiful but man oh man do I hate picking hundreds of tiny pods.  :lol:
how do those tiny habanero taste?
The little habaneros are pretty hot. If they were
the size of a Scorpion or Yellow Seven they
would be killers!
As for picking, I usually cut the branches off
and then pick off the pods.
that's a great idea for the end of the season.
Yeah, I find it easier just to pick them all at once.
A few of the little pods go bad, but there are so many
it doesn't matter!
Now that it’s inside, I just can’t bear to yank the
plant, it’s looking so good. I think I’ll let it go for
a few days. After that, I’ll prune it back and see
if it will OW in my garage:

Loaded with pods:
Good sign. The plant is excising some of the cut ends.
Have seen several places where this is happening. Seems
to indicate the plant is getting ready to get growing:

You can see a little growth bud at the left.
I’m really impatient for these growth buds to really
emerge. Maybe time for a little fish fertilizer. Or maybe
a little top dressing with blood meal and/or worm cast-
ings to give the plant a little Nitrogen boost:
CaneDog said:
Hey Paul.  What light source do you have on the v jalap?
That's some nice looking new growth.  Looks like it's ready for round II.
That's my hope, Doc. Looks promising. I'm really
pulling for nice growth in the palest branches.
The older leaves are aging fast, hope the new
growth is more heat tolerant. Still thinking about
the fertilizer issue.
The light is a 4x4 T5HO, maybe 9-12 inches off
the top of the plant.
I hope the plant survives to go with the seeds I
will plant in the Spring. Mama and chicks   :rofl: