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PaulG 2020

Symbol of season’s end, greenhouse transitions to
storage shed for the winter:


“Three more weeks until winter!”
Transplanted the Rocopica and c. Chacoense v Exile into ‘bonchi’
pots a couple of days ago. They seem to be doing okay so far:

On the Variegated Jalapeño:

This growth started wilting today. Photo from three days ago:
Mildfruit said:
Ive seen so many pictures of these variegated jalapeños, but they still strike me as impressed every single time! 
Seems like your OW plants are doing great  :P
It’s a beauty, alright. It will be interesting
to see how this variety plays out.
Some nice foliage coming. This growth tip
in a couple of types of lighting to show the


The new little branches on the c. chacoense v Exile
‘bonchi’ are forking almost immediately upon emerging:
CaneDog said:
All the new growth is looking great.  The chacoense is very cooperative for a bonchi branching so soon
The chaco is looking very good for a plant that
just got 'bonchi'd"  :party:
If it continues to progress, it should be a nice
little specimen. The Rocopoca is not quite as
robust, but am hoping it comes on strong in
a few weeks.
Really liked your Variegated Jalapeño pic.
Beautiful foliage.
DontPanic said:
If you get a chance to grow out any of those sausage peppers, it'll be interesting to find out if your ducks are as big a fan of these peppers as my birds.  :)
I am leaning to trying out the upright yellow
variety in 2021, Mitch.
Never had a duck or goose land in our yard,
just too much other feeding and congregating
places in our neighborhood!
As for the UofO Ducks, perhaps  ;)