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Pepper People are the Best

Today I got mail from @Deadpouk !

Because I was the one who started the European Seed Train rolling this year, I haven't gotten to see any of the new seeds that came on board.

@Deadpouk was kind enough to message me with an offer to send some Peppa Peach Stripey seeds which I gratefully accepted.

To my surprise - and utter delight - he also sent some Farmers Market Jalapeno seeds so now I'm looking forward to putting both kinds n some soil soon!

This place rocks!🤩
23 was a good season for us, we grew many fruit & vegetables with good yields.
Mrs. Marturo & I realy love sending pepper boxes to friends & family at Christmas, something to keep them warm. 😄

This year we sent boxes with dried pods & Scotch bonnet Jam ( recipe ( Thanks to @ MarcV ) all over the world..
Made 5 new seed swapping friends this year & found good homes for many many seeds.

Truth be known there is something very special about pepper people, take this forum. You must belong to other forums
this is the only forum I have belonged to where the people get along so well. We are from all over the world yet we strive
to get along & exist in a world where we can learn, teach & share with each other.

Pepper People Rock! :drunk:
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