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Pepper People are the Best

A much appreciated thank you to craftyfox
For hooking me up with paper lantern habanero & the other seeds they sent


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A much appreciated thank you to craftyfox
For hooking me up with paper lantern habanero & the other seeds they sent

My pleasure.. I try to help out where I can.
I'd hate to try and list all the people in this community, past and present, who have helped me in my pursuits for varieties, like that one.. And just general knowledge of everything related to the fruit of these endeavors in the culinary world. I have no doubt I'd miss a few, and the list gets longer every day.
Hope you enjoy them.
Although I agreed not to acknowledge this gift publicly, I can no longer remain silent. As a compromise, I have decided NOT to use their name. I hope that will suffice.

Needless to say, I was completely blown away by this person's generosity. Thank you so much for your kindness and thoughtfulness. I am truly humbled and appreciate it more than you know.

Extending your hand in friendship will not be forgotten.

Be safe my friend.


Big ups to my homie @Downriver! Can't thank you enough for the generosity!



I came back here and saw a typo, so you didn't receive the tag!

This awesome pickling was all thanks to @Downriver!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! This was an awesome box. Some Dreadie bonnets in the pickles too, plus some others in other pickles that I did for the fridge. So many pickles! THANKS THANKS THANKS!

PS. This was my first "real" pickling ever! Ha! And not bad at all!
Be careful what you ask for when it comes to @skullbiker.

He noticed I was interested in some rocotos and offered to send a few seeds. This is what I received:

SB IMG_20220116_151742095.jpg SB IMG_20220116_151408878.jpg

Check out that custom-made packaging job!

In addition to the TWENTY different varieties of seeds, he also sent some of his custom jellies, a Sugar Rush Peach and a Mucho Nacho, PLUS an awesome relish!

SB IMG_20220116_151433664.jpg SB IMG_20220116_151449415.jpg

So far, we've hit the Sugar Rush Peach jelly (repeatedly). Here was our first taste. Wonderful flavor.

SB IMG_20220126_113114321.jpg

Then one night I had the urge for chicken sliders, so I made some. The light bulb went on – SB's RELISH! This turned out to be an excellent idea. It was fantastic!

SB IMG_20220130_184335051.jpg

But I didn't stop there. We also cooked a pot of beans, which I usually flavor with hot sauce. Nope. RELISH! Wow, what an awesome combination of flavors.

SB IMG_20220130_184740120.jpg

We still haven't hit the Mucho Nacho jelly, but its' time is coming soon.

Needless to say, I was totally caught off guard with Skullbiker's generosity. I was surprised and humbled. Definitely made my day.