Pepper Sprout Farm 2021

Join me in my 2021 journey from seed to bottle. Still waiting on a few things to come in the mail but I wanted to get some things started. Seven pot primo, red bhut, choc bhut, orange Thai, lemon habanero, red habanero, hot cherry, shishito, poblano, starfish, jalapeno, orange spice jalapeno, Hungarian orange, sweet banana, chocolate beauty bell, California wonder bell.all started with aged compost mixed with a Little pearlite.


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Hurricane Ida came right passed us and many plants were destroyed. However not all is lost. We still have a few plants that managed to keep most their leaves. There are also a few plants that still seem to be alive despite wind defoliation. I've always wanted to experiment with defoliation I guess we will see how these pan out. Pictured is a giant Marconi that is a promising experiments and some of the habanero and chocolate bhut plants that survived.
Hey, @peppersproutfarm, I hope all that was affected
were your plants, and that you and your family escaped
with little property damage. Those survivors myst be
pretty tough cookies!