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news Pepper X Officially takes the title

Patenting plants using Nature’s ‘plant-stock’ (public common resources) rings as true as selling water back to the public from public common waterways. GREED seems to trump common sense anymore. Too bad the plants used for parental linage can’t get royalties, too. What a shit show to watch. Patents & bullshitting are for the greedy folks who can’t weather the competition in their lane. Positive Vibrations…
I read that yesterday.
This sentence particularly interested me:

"He [Ed Currie] says three types of people are interested in superhot chillies: thrill-seekers, hipsters longing to find a fresh trend and addicts in recovery"

So which of you are "thrill-seekers, hipsters or addicts"?

That man has no idea about pepper growers and why we do it. In fact I think I'd like to punch him on the nose.
I’d prefer to stick a boot up his ass…what a shyster. Patenting Nature’s plants…intellectual rights!!? Thrill-seekers, hipsters and addicts ooh my…Greed must make you dumb, too.