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Plantguy76 2022

[ Over Winter 2021]

3 - serrano's

Are supposed to be five for sure Trippaul Threat Peach F3
But there are 3 I know for sure are Trippaul peach two tall ones & a short one in the kitchen all three of those have this tree thing going on then there these two that are different.
I know that once there outside they will start to turn purple as they was for the short time they was out
So it will sort itself out.

1 Jamaican Red Hab

2 Peach Hababon F2 or possibly back to F1 crossed with unknown cap annuum

Total pepper plants 11

[2022 Peppers]

[capsicum chinense]
Papper Lantern OP - CraftyFox
Jamaican Red Hab A++ 2019 - Paul G
[Capsicum Annuum]
Possibly Jamaican Mushroom specially selected for UFO pheno type form 2017
Ive been soaking them for awhile seeds have not sunk take that for a bad sign but I believe some few did sank to the bottom will scoop out the floaters & sow the ones that sank.
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Sorry to hear about your yard, Jason, but
glad to see those Red Habaneros hanging
in there.

:cheers: to a great season ahead!
I hate tomato worms 😡
They stripped my Hidalgo Serrano & now got my little
Sinuessa pepper plant
Got two off my Jamaican Red Habanero earlier in the tomato worm season & been fighting them regularly on my JM Purple Cherry tomatoes & one black cherry
Meanwhile my brown date habanero pod I have looks like a bhut aka ghost pepper or some other super hot maybe it will at least be chocolate .
Meanwhile while my Jamaican Red Habanero plant was attacked at first I thought tomato worms but I believe it was some bird
If it was a tomato worm the capsicum killed it or one of my good guys .