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Plantguy76 2022

[ Over Winter 2021]

3 - serrano's

Are supposed to be five for sure Trippaul Threat Peach F3
But there are 3 I know for sure are Trippaul peach two tall ones & a short one in the kitchen all three of those have this tree thing going on then there these two that are different.
I know that once there outside they will start to turn purple as they was for the short time they was out
So it will sort itself out.

1 Jamaican Red Hab

2 Peach Hababon F2 or possibly back to F1 crossed with unknown cap annuum

Total pepper plants 11

[2022 Peppers]

[capsicum chinense]
Papper Lantern OP - CraftyFox
Jamaican Red Hab A++ 2019 - Paul G
[Capsicum Annuum]
Possibly Jamaican Mushroom specially selected for UFO pheno type form 2017
Ive been soaking them for awhile seeds have not sunk take that for a bad sign but I believe some few did sank to the bottom will scoop out the floaters & sow the ones that sank.
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The other not brown date hab is a dud diseased or mutated it serves as a junk plant or it would be culled by now .
It's kinda like that movie twins all the good genetics went to the one in the pick even gotten bigger in this heat .
I still have some Jamaican Red habs & have a ripe one
This is supposed to be a Jamaican Red Habanero A++ but when light hits leaves they darken like Trippaul Threat .
So ether it's one & a seed got in the mix or it's a cross
The growth right now is more like how the trippaul was but leaves are more like Jamaican Red .
I guess next season will tell.
I did have a whole tray of stuff earlier in the season but at some point a feral cat got into it killing most of what I had there one Jamaican or lantern but think it's a Jamaican based on location hanging probably transplant & over winter as it must be pretty strong
This pic is form Tyler Farms I got my plants form cross country Nursery .
They was supposed to be brown date I think there was a mix up & there hopefully chocolate bhut they match anyway there not so big so maybe a cross for now it's the waiting game
One of the trippaul's is changing color
Glad to hear that one of your Trippaul Threats
is coloring up. Mine are not at that stage yet!
So a few form possible brown date cross or mislabeled .
If it's mislabeled it possibly some Jays Ghost Scorpion .
They all sure are gnarly