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Plantguy76 2022

[ Over Winter 2021]

3 - serrano's

Are supposed to be five for sure Trippaul Threat Peach F3
But there are 3 I know for sure are Trippaul peach two tall ones & a short one in the kitchen all three of those have this tree thing going on then there these two that are different.
I know that once there outside they will start to turn purple as they was for the short time they was out
So it will sort itself out.

1 Jamaican Red Hab

2 Peach Hababon F2 or possibly back to F1 crossed with unknown cap annuum

Total pepper plants 11

[2022 Peppers]

[capsicum chinense]
Papper Lantern OP - CraftyFox
Jamaican Red Hab A++ 2019 - Paul G
[Capsicum Annuum]
Possibly Jamaican Mushroom specially selected for UFO pheno type form 2017
Ive been soaking them for awhile seeds have not sunk take that for a bad sign but I believe some few did sank to the bottom will scoop out the floaters & sow the ones that sank.
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@Plantguy76 - Both of those looking great!
The Trippaul Threat v2 F4 look right on. They
were a bit lighter yellow in my F3’s, but I bet
those pods looked great against the purple

When I looked at your pics, I thought “welcome
to gnarly city!”

Keep ‘em comin‘, partner! I bet those reds will
make awesome pepper jelly! I make A poor man’s
pepper jelly by stirring some JA Red Habanero
powder into some strawberry jam. Weasley but
does the trick :oops: Gotta be careful, though, cuz
the powder slowly sinks into the jam, and the last
spoonful is mighty ‘tasty!”
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I had a good season over all
I have the trippapauls in but I am not sure if they will make it
Also have a starter clone of the awesome Jamaican Red Hab plant was a sucker & had some roots on it hope it makes it have another that's I believe is part trippapaul leaves was a dark purple when hit with sunlight dark green when not growth is kinda a mix of those two plants
One of the trippauls was putting out I think the purple pheno color & maybe the other as well both those plants was slower growing etc
One of the trippauls was putting out I think the purple pheno color & maybe the other as well both those plants was slower growing etc
Have those plants inside along with the other that big one might not make it but pods look ripe might try a few of them & whatever cross or plant this chocolate one is as now with late season look like chocolate ghost the consistent thing about them is there all around the size of brown date
I am thinking of a Zapotec Jalapeno grow next season with what's inside or makes it
I have also looked at Jamaican Mushroom Red & CaJohns Serrano as I like the Serrano I grew just small but mainly leaning towards Zapotec & Jamaica Red Mushroom
So reviewing my 2022 grow season .
I have pods I guess I can use of what should of been Brown date but was crossed
It kept the heat of a hab on the high side but flavor I thought was good sweet earthy /smokey with some fruitiness possible some floral over all what I remember was well balanced
It size was that was that of Brown date but very worty / bumpy
If has this ghost look & some looked like ghost scorpion
A few had a scorpion pheno .
The end of season crop went back to small bumpy chocolate ghost
This plant may have crossed with some of the trippapaul but even so I am thinking of planting some seed as the plant might not make the over winter
The both this plant & trippapaul was real productive
I have one trippapaul that hasn't lost leaves & even as new ones
While the big one I think died & the other is barely hanging in there
I am going to consolidate soon
The Jamaican Red possible X trippapaul is doing well and the two hold over sweet peppers are still going
The serrano that I kept died

I learned I liked serrano's but I like them to be bigger maybe those cajohns serrano's
I've also thinking of having a isolated Zapotec grow
Anyway it's a good while till next season so plenty of time
@Plantguy76 - I hope the Trippaul hangs in
there for you. In a decent growing season,
they are very strong and productive plants.
Tristen hit on a winner there!