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hobbies Post your motorcycles!

Sounds pretty quiet to me but I've had straight/drag pipes for 45 years. πŸ˜‰

The phone is cheating. I imagine it would be a distorted, garbled mess otherwise. I'm surprised it came out so clear. You feel it in your bones in person.
Had the bike in for break in servicing today. No more break in restrictions! I can really open her up now.

I wore earplugs today - much better, but still annoyingly loud. It's not so bad off the bike; I don't think I'd be cited for noise or upset anybody too badly. But it's SO loud riding the thing. Having to put in earplugs is a pain in the ass, too, and I had this weird ticking in my left ear both ways, there and back. I'll try some different earplugs to see if I can't quiet that ticking for now, but I'll plan to switch to TAB 4" Shorties as soon as I can pay for them without guilt.

Bike got a clean bill of health and the service guys really liked my fender mod. Service manager said I should patent it, lol.
One guy told me to give them a week, they'll mellow a bit. We'll see.

Don't think that's a thing.

Are they glass packed? If so they get louder, not quieter.

It was hot out there today; stoplights suck.

At least indians are water cooled, the other popular crusier manufacturer are mostly air cooled, couldn't imagine that midsummer.

My current ride, the L2 engine is a real treat.

Looks nice! I am getting used to your fender delete now. I feel like you moved the brake lights up a hair which fills space better, either that or it's just grown on me.
Thanks, Boss!

Nope, haven't touched them since I 86'd the fender.

Now I'm scheming to repurpose the now-unused license plate light cable to power a USB charger. I'll run the cable under the tank and be able to charge my phone from the bike on long rides.

Also have to get rid of that upper belt guard. No gusto.
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...either that or it's just grown on me.

Could be the perspectives of the new shots, too. She's definitely got a few bad angles. Sometimes I'll get a really crappy shot of her like, "Is that my bike?" Looking all goofy, muffin-topping and shit, lol.

I saw a couple really cool photos on the intraweebs last night where guys (gals, maybe) took their glossy black bikes and parked them under bright colorful graffiti, reflecting the art off the paint. Richmond's got a few places with huge walls covered in street art.. Maybe I'll go get cute one day soon.
It was the angles because I had looked back also. They actually fill the space nice.
One thing that wonks it up from certain angles is the shocks. They're mounted asymmetrically about the bike's centerline so the one can get around the belt on the drive side. It'd be cool to set the other one out to match, but man.. You'd need custom headers and probably a custom swingarm. We're not doing anything like that, lol.

I've got a few more mods planned, but it's getting close!
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You can't see both sides at the same time πŸ˜‚
Can see it from behind. Some guys mount their indicators at the outside of the upper shock mounts. Those look really lopsided from the rear.
Number of years ago now.

09 Streetglide, aka the money pit.

I painted her twice the same year I bought the bike. I did the motor work myself. 103, machined decked heads (fuel moto) upgraded valve train, compression releases added, woods 777 cam, power commander 5 with custom map from fuel moto, sinister extended bags and rear fender, hidden leds, vans and Hines exhaust, the list goes on and on and still isn’t done. Need suspension and wheels. It has tons of torque.

Sorry this is the only picture I have unless I go into my computer. Took pic of pic. πŸ˜‚ I’ll find some more later.


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