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hobbies Post your motorcycles!

The pulley's gold if that gives anybody any ideas.
Black negative space sun to let "that" shine through?
first world troubles ๐Ÿคฃ

I'm with C too, just make sure there's no way your pant leg or boot lace can get pulled in, would get messy

Yep, I'm going to print a piece to guard the pinch. I'll get it modeled eventually. I still haven't even measured the bike - these are just eyeballed.
Seeing as there are no more replies, yes, I assume he ordered it and will show us a pic. ๐Ÿ˜‚

Nope, I'm stuck. Things are crazy here right now.
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Starburst - is the coolest design so far imo
Blackhole - just no
Test pattern- looks like a BMW logo
Off center - growing on me the more I look at it. The smooth lines and soft corners would really go with the overall style of your bike.
This thing. Necessary. I almost can't bear the leather jacket when the temperature's above 90ยฐF. It's definitely not enjoyable. This keeps the smile on my face at least up to the 105ยฐ heat index I rode through a couple days ago. Only thing that sucks is it's hand-wash only.
I plugged a few of those pulley cover designs into the quote generator and was disappointed with the pricing. They wanted around triple what I'd hoped to pay and I lost interest. The big ugly molded factory guard has got me thinking about it again, though, and I think I'll experiment with printing something. Functionally, all I really have to do it guard the pinch at the top.. A printed nylon plate 3/16" thick or so would be pretty damned tough. Sand, paint, spacers, and bolts and I'm done. Shame I can't powder coat it.. Still need a design, though.

I added highway pegs a couple months ago, but haven't taken any photos. Will have to get some.