Posting Picture Tutorial

The Hot Pepper

EDIT: All members can now UPLOAD pics directly. Extreme can upload an unlimited amount, Free members, you can upload until you hit a cap at which point you would need to upgrade to continue uploading.

You can attach images directly to your posts/blogs using the full editor. When creating a topic attach images at the bottom of the editor. When replying choose More Reply Options for the full editor. You can choose more than one image with the Advanced Uploader. However if you experience errors choose the Basic Uploader. Once uploaded they will appear at the bottom of your topic unless you choose Add To Post. Put the cursor where you want, then click to add. You can still move the image code around to wherever you want. You can also preview your post. Once satisfied, post the topic.


In the text editor you will see My Media. This will allow you to share your uploaded images in new posts without having to reupload them.

In summation, you can post images wherever you want. If you just want them in a topic use the attachment function. If you want comments on your images in am album post them in Gallery. You can still use these on the forum. It's like photobucket, but now on the site as a feature for you.

Alternate method:

Your image must be hosted on a photo sharing website. Place the image code (of the actual image not the page, it will end with .jpg, .png, .gif) between the following code:

[img=image url here]

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Updated: To share Gallery images click Options > Share Links. You can grab the bbcode and paste it into forum posts, and it's also clickable to go right to your picture in the Gallery.
My Settings > Gallery :)


Gallery > Upload > No Album Selected

New Album | Select Album

Click New and then the Parent album.

Or if you have one, or once you have one, select the one you want.
yeah i'm missing any kind of link or menu to add an album...


You were right! I can't believe no one reported that.

Correct. You can display any hosted image with img tags. Op upload to the post or Gallery with a membership.
Tip Added:


In the text editor you will see My Media. This will allow you to share your uploaded images in new posts without having to reupload them.
You have to be Extreme to see the button.
Sm1nts2escape said:
Is there a faster/better photo sharing site besides photobucket? Photobucket is seriously lagging on my comp/phone anymore. Thanks
Dropbox is quick and easy to set up.  (At least it was when I did so a while back.)
Skip the app they push and just drag images onto their directory-based navigation screen.  Once uploaded, right click on the file, 'copy link,' paste into THP message adding the bracketed IMG tags and you're done.
thegreenman said:
I still cant figure out how to create an
Really just letting you know that I LOVE your tag quote from H.L Mencken... Oh! and I will steal it ..but give you full credit of course...