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I use  No registration required, though you'll have to keep a separate log of your image urls to be able to find them again later.  They do have a captcha field you have to fill out every 5 images or so.
As far as compressing images, I wish more people would.  It really slows things down when there are many, many multi-MB images on a page.  There are several glogs (grow logs) I don't visit because it takes so long to load the pages.  A couple hundred kB is plenty to show sufficient detail for most purposes.  I realize special situations exist, for example, someone wants a critique of a new label, where the higher resolution is required, but for most purposes it is an unnecessary use of bandwidth.  I use a Mac and I simply open my images in the Preview application, then resize them to 800x600 pixels at 360 dpi and save the result under a different file name (to retain the original hi-res image).  That gets the file size down to something more manageable.
I signed up DropBox and placed the url with the IMG with brackets on each side...but I got a message saying I was not allowed to use that extension on this community. I copy and pasted the photo's link. Not sure what I am doing wrong. This is the url that was given to me from DropBox for my photo; it's a Red Savina:  Well, I tried to put the link in this thread, but I get the same "the extension is not allowed in this community". Is using Dropbox prohibited? Should I use another service?
Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated!
It is not in a public folder. Move it and it will work.
Because dropbox is for file transfer, not gallery use. Try a pic host. Flickr. Picasa.
The Hot Pepper said:
Because dropbox is for file transfer, not gallery use. Try a pic host. Flickr. Picasa.
Thank you !! I've downloaded Picasa and I'm going to look it over, read up on it, and perhaps use it as my online photo storage. Again, thank you "The Hot Pepper" !
What am I doing wrong when my picture just shows up as a link vs an actual picture like others get?  I tried both options: "direct link" & "image link" or whatever the second option is.
It means you are linking to the page not the actual image.
The Hot Pepper said:
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You can attach images directly to your posts/blogs using the full editor. When creating a topic attach images at the bottom of the editor. When replying choose More Reply Options for the full editor. You can choose more than one image with the Advanced Uploader. However if you experience errors choose the Basic Uploader. Once uploaded they will appear at the bottom of your topic unless you choose Add To Post. Put the cursor where you want, then click to add. You can still move the image code around to wherever you want. You can also preview your post. Once satisfied, post the topic.


You can upload images to the global albums or create your own albums. You can choose more than one image with the Advanced Uploader. However if you experience errors choose the Basic Uploader. Once uploaded you will have different sizes for viewing and if you wish to use these in forum posts click Options > Shae Links.


In the text editor you will see My Media. This will allow you to share your uploaded images in new posts without having to reupload them.

In summation, you can post images wherever you want. If you just want them in a topic use the attachment function. If you want comments on your images in am album post them in Gallery. You can still use these on the forum. It's like photobucket, but now on the site as a feature for you.


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Your image must be hosted on a photo sharing website. Place the image code (of the actual image not the page, it will end with .jpg, .png, .gif) between the following code:

To use attachments and Gallery please UPGRADE here. Thanks!
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Hey I just answered my own question :dance:
Not very tech savvy. I tried to post pictures to my glog and says file size to big. Never had a problem before. Tried from my android camera and iPhone still nothing. What' am I doing wrong?

Still can't figure it out. Where can I find full editor button. Maybe it doesn't exist for mobile devices. Don't have a pc so I can't check right now.
Figured out how to post pics agin. Had to delete from attachment settings to get more space. Was really excited I figured it out until I checked my Glog and lost all my pics. I probably lost all my pics from last year as well. Pretty bummed. I wish I new what I was doing. Oh well.
You should be able to get it now pro-rated, it will charge you less and append to your current membership, if interested. 
Thought I'd add a brief tutorial on how to post pix here at THP using the Image function available in the below menu. 

Your pic must be on a photo sharing website and as I use PhotoBucket and IMGUR I'll use those for examples. First is the easy-peasy method...
Open IMGUR then hover over the down arrow  under your album name and click on images then the pic you want to post - then click on Copy under Direct Link.


Open the PhotoBucket pic and click on the image URL on the right next to Direct and note it changes to Copied.

Now click on the Image icon noted in the opening pic above and hit Ctrl+v so the image URL appears in the box then click on OK.

Voila! The Image appears in your post where your cursor is.