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Purple Thunder / Bhut Jolokia x (PdN x Bonda Ma Jacques)

I have decided to start a dedicated Grow Log for
the Purple Thunder Bhut Jolokia hybrid.

It made its first appearance in 2015:
"This coloration might be the result of the intense
light on these red Bhuts, but only 2/6 show the trait.
If it is a cross,the only purple-y plant near the bhut
was Trippa's Mystery Cross. All of these seeds from
the same pod:"

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Focus is a little wonky, but the plant looks really great.


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Glen_ said:
My camera isn't nearly as nice as yours Paul.
I just use my iPhone 6. Not the best camera
due to being an older model, but it does okay.
I like taking close-ups through a Hastings Triplet


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dragonsfire said:
I use the iPhone6, takes great pictures, check your settings and make sure you have TIFF and max quality settings.
Thanks, Neil, I'll check that for sure.
later: My phone only has the native
camera app, so limited to jpeg compression.
No settings for Tiff. etc.


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Randers2 said:
Hello everyone! 
I haven't updated sooner but my Purple Thunder F4 Yellow/Caramel was started from seed on 02/01/21. 
Here is a pic from today. Coming along nicely! 
Really nice looking start, Randy!
Beautiful foliage color.
Those plants are looking good, they are massive compared to mine [emoji106][emoji16]. My Lava Red and Hemi Orange are 3 times the size of my purple leaf plant. All 3 varieties were sowed on the same day [emoji848].

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Hey gang!
Sorry for posting yet again so soon. But this time I have a question that I'm hoping to get some opinions on. 
Here's some more progress on the plant in my iDOO system. I'm getting close to zero vertical growth, but the leaves are getting GINORMOUS. I have a "can't see the plant through the leaves" situation.  
Question is, should I cut back some of the bottom leaves? Will the plant refocus some energy into growing new foliage or height? Or should I just leave it as is?
20210311_154348 (1).jpg

20210311_154341 (1).jpg

20210311_154359 (1).jpg