bottles-jars Putting a recipe on a bbq sauce bottle, tacky or good idea?

Our 3rd product line will be a Bavarian influenced, mustard based BBQ sauce (mustard/habanero) with a medium heat at max.
This bottle I chose was the exact same height as the 5oz woozy bottle, but fatter.  Same look, but wider.  It's called a Stout bottle, and apparently are only made twice a year and are a tad more expensive, but I love the look.

This was chosen over the standard glass/pet decanter style, or the lanky ringneck bottles that I've been seeing everywhere primarily for these reasons:
  • Same overall neck and shoulder look as the woozy but 3" wide
  • Same height as the 5oz woozy (7" tall), so labels line up on a shelf
  • Cost is only about 5 cents more per bottle, but production is limited
The label size is 3.25 x 9" with a much wider "Front Panel" than the standard woozy. (5oz woozy is 3.25 x 6", this is 3.25 x 9" with a 3" wide front panel)
This allows for 4 'panels' across the label itself:
  • Left Panel - Romance Panel, Heat Index, UPC 1-3/4" wide
  • Front Panel - Product Logo/Artwork - 3" wide
  • Right Panel - Additional serving suggestions / recipes - 2-1/4" wide
  • Back Panel - Nutritional info / ingredients 1-1/2" wide
I wanted to put a slow-cooker pulled pork recipe on the right panel.  It is a very simple recipe but It would take up the entire section (about 3-1/4"H x 2-1/4"W)
Is putting a recipe on a label considered a waste of space?  Tacky?  Gimicky?  Should I instead do more back-story on the Bavarian influence on South Carolina's BBQ?  What would be the best use of a 3.25 x 2.25"W section on the right side of a label (see dimensions above)
Here's an early mock of the label so you can see the width easier,  not necessarily the exact design  yet, but wanted to show where the panels were:



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Seen your status update. You have everything twisted and getting what im saying confuded,homie.  For real you are missing the point joyners. Have fun being drunk and #doing #this.
sicman said:
Seen your status update. You have everything twisted and getting what im saying confuded,homie.  For real you are missing the point joyners. Have fun being drunk and #doing #this.
What are you talking about dude, stop sipping the sizzzzurp -- this thread is not about us


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Lucky Dog Hot Sauce said:
The only problem with QR codes is that no one uses them except companies. They still have yet to catch on with consumers and I am skeptical they ever will. 
I think a much more artisan look would be to use a hang tag with a recipe on it. This can be a little 2" x 2" folded piece of thick stock paper - cheap to print, punch a little hole & tie it to each bottle. 
Yes, it's more time consuming. Yes, it adds a ~$0.15 cost to each bottle, but 1. it looks really classy. 2. If someone is out camping with your sauce and has no internet they'll still have the recipe. 3. Assuming the sauce doesn't suck and the recipe doesn't suck, they will have the little hang tag long after the sauce bottle is empty and recycled - which can remind them to buy more if they are keen to replicate the experience (which the QR code or even recipe-on-label won't do). 
It's a very high-end look at a very affordable price. And the best part is that unlike the label, changing the hang-tag with different recipes is quick & easy and doesn't require a label overhaul every time. 
My $.02
I like this idea quite a bit.  Also a fan of the simple recipe idea that S&O started with.  Another idea would be to print recipes on cards that can go in the box with the orders, but not many people still keep 3x5 recipe cards stashed in the pantry anymore.