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Request for Prayers, Wishes, Good Karma...

We just found out that my wife's bio-dad was taken to the hospital yesterday after suffering a pretty major stroke. He's in the ICU in Critical Condition and it's pretty sketchy as to how he's going to come out of it. She just happens to be in Temple, TX this week for work and only 3 hours or so away from him in Tyler so she's going to spend the day with him before work tonight. Please keep him and his doctors in your thoughts and prayers as he goes through this.
Thanks y'all, just got off the phone with her, here's what she said:

There was not a stroke. MRI was clean. Cardiac enzymes were good. He is running a fever and his diabetes was out of control, so that may account for the altered state. He hasn't awakened yet.

We appreciate your prayers and well wishes!
Just talked to my wife, he's been removed from the critical list and is now in a guarded condition. He still hasn't woken up but is showing improvement. Doctor said it goes to show that with Diabetes you really have to take care of yourself and take your meds. He's been bad about both.
Is he having problems with pancreatitis?  I had a bought with that earlier this year very sick and thru my blood sugar way off.
Prayers with you and your family