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Rich's 2022 Log

Figured that since I'm pretty new at this, and as it's also the first time I'm starting peppers (or anything) from seed that I'd take a run a creating a grow log. Hopefully, this will capture a wildly successful season, or, more likely, will serve as a reminder to me of things I did this year that I should change or improve upon for next year. :)

Here are the seeds that I have sown thus far:


I have not yet received a couple more varieties that I'm going to start -- KS Lemon Starrburst, and Purple Thunder (from @PaulG.)

I'm starting all of these in my new to me IDOO 12 pod unit (mixed grow with some herbs and tomatoes thrown in......). Here is the state of my peppers thus far:





I've got one pod of Bubblegum that should hook in the next day or so, along with my second set of Anaheim, Mucho Nacho, Poblano, and Bubblegum. The Guajillo, Pasilla, Choc Habanero and Elephant (from Matt's Peppers - @catchthebear) were just sown in the past couple of days, so no activity there yet.

Since I'm limited on space in the IDOO12, I will transplant my seedlings some time in the next week or so to make some more room. The extra IDOO7 unit in my log sheet is one I found on NextDoor recently that I'm going to be giving to a friend of mine, so I will lose that space shortly. :) All of these plants will eventually be moved outside into containers (I've got four wine barrel halves, and will pick up some 5 gallon buckets or other suitable containers) since I don't have any actual dirt I can plant them into.

I've read a lot, watched a lot of videos, and feel a lot like I did when I first started brewing beer back in '92........so much to process, but most of what I learn, I suspect will come from actually doing it! :)

I'll try to keep this updated as things progress.

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@rgreenberg2000 - That's a nice little cluster of flower buds!
One looks like it's about to open!

Travel easy and return safe!
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Happy Sunday, THP!! Well, everything survived while I was out of town. I did a little measuring, and on average there's been about an inch of growth on each of my peppers since planting into containers. They are a little droopy today after I (probably over) watered, so I'll just observe them for a week and make sure the firm up a bit.

Guajillo & Anaheim:


Mucho Nacho & Poblano x2:


Mucho Nacho looking strong:


Anaheim and a low growing BBG:


I've still got Pasilla, Chocolate Habanero, and PT F4 x3 in Solo cups that I'm hardening off for planting out next weekend.

Thanks for checking in! :)



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Plant-outs looking comfy in their new homes,
Rich! They will fill those containers by Summer-
time, I’ll bet.

:cheers: Here’s to a great season!
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Does the IDOO have a timer? or is it just lamp + bowl
It has two modes (Vegetables & Flowers/Fruit). The Veggie setting is a 16 hours on, 8 hours off for the lights. The Flowers/Fruit is 12/12 (I think, haven't used it.....) The fan in the top and water pump in the reservoir automatically run for 5 minutes every 30 minutes. Both the fan and pump are very quiet, though I wouldn't want it in my bedroom. I've been very happy with it, admittedly, though, it's the only unit of this type that I've ever used, and I've only had it since January. @ $75/80 on Amazon with a coupon, it's a pretty good setup (especially if it lasts for several seasons.)

HTH, let me know if you have more questions.

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Day 73 on my pepper grow for 2022, and for the most part everyone is doing well. I'll be getting Purple Thunder, BBG #2, Chocolate Habanero and Guajillo planted out to containers from their SOLO cups today. Thought it would be a good time for a group photo (Left2Right: PT F4, Chocolate Habanero, BBG #2, Guajillo):


BBG #2 will replace BBG #1 who just hasn't really taken off......the Anaheim he's sharing his container with looks just fine, though:


My first Anaheim and one of my Poblanos are trying their best to flower. We've got some warm days forecasted for the next week, so I'm hoping for some flowers this week!!



I did a good watering on all the peppers on Friday, so, of course, it rained yesterday. :) No matter, everyone looks happy, no droopers.

Thanks for checking in, back next week! :)

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Not too much to report this week. Had some good weather (mid 70's all week, high 40's at night), and the pepper kids all seemed to enjoy it. Right now, I've got lots of buds about to pop, but no flowers yet.....




My KBX tomato looks to be winning the race to flower.....


I also felt sad since my IDOO unit was empty, so I sowed seeds for KS Lemon Starrburst, Black Thai, Golden Ghostly Jalapeno, and Sugar Rush Peach. Two days later, and the SRP did this...... (previous fastest pepper for me was 5 days.)

Ok, these darned peppers are stubborn! Teasing me with all of their unopened flowers.......I'm guessing it's perhaps because we're still getting high 40's at night? Maybe they are just shy. :)

Not much to update other than that, but I'm pretty pleased to see some nice growth happening on some of my peppers down below the main "canopy"....



Should I be worried about what's happening to the leaves on this Poblano? It's in the same barrel planter as another Poblano that does not have the same curling up of the leaves.....worry?


Just watered this morning for the first time in about six days. That's about it.

Is it an unwritten truth that your first pod will be on a side of the plant that is VERY difficult to photograph? :) First pod formed up on my Anaheim. Got lots of flowers starting to pop on my other plants. Haven't seen any flowers on the HOT varieties, but plenty of buds on some of them.....

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Not to worry, that CA sun will get those flowers poppin' in no time!
Unfortunately, my only update for this week is to announce the untimely death of my first baby pepper.......sad to say, the second flower that developed a "podling" looks like it's headed in the same direction. Don't know if this is due to some cold overnight temps (high 40's) or something else, but will keep an eye on it.....



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@rgreenberg2000 - Has that been chewed on? Or
has the plant’s location changed? Sometimes that
can cause a ’podlet’ to let go. Unless there are also
other signs of stress I wouldn’t worry too much.
Plants will hang on to their pods when they are ready.
@rgreenberg2000 - Has that been chewed on? Or
has the plant’s location changed? Sometimes that
can cause a ’podlet’ to let go. Unless there are also
other signs of stress I wouldn’t worry too much.
Plants will hang on to their pods when they are ready.
I don't see any signs of it being chewed on, and I haven't moved it. I'll chalk it up to that plant just not being ready to be a parent just yet! ;)
Not too much to report on my pepper grow other than the sudden death of one of my mucho nachos. Not sure what happened, just started to drop all its leaves, and headed south. :( I'm going to prune it down and see if it comes back to life, but I'm thinking it's a goner.


Lots of flowers on all my non-hots, and they all look healthy (including the PT F4 that's sharing a pot with the mucho nacho above.

Pods! :) A better update than my sick plant from last week!





Lots of flowers and soon to be pods on these plants and others. Much happier with the development of the whole grow than I ever was the last two years.....


I got a little antsy, and got some more seeds going indoors, too. Lemon Starrburst, Mattapeno, Sugar Rush Peach and a Golden Ghostly Jalapeno......they are about 6" tall, and ready to move into some intermediate pots. They are camera shy, though. ;)