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Rich's 2022 Log

Figured that since I'm pretty new at this, and as it's also the first time I'm starting peppers (or anything) from seed that I'd take a run a creating a grow log. Hopefully, this will capture a wildly successful season, or, more likely, will serve as a reminder to me of things I did this year that I should change or improve upon for next year. :)

Here are the seeds that I have sown thus far:


I have not yet received a couple more varieties that I'm going to start -- KS Lemon Starrburst, and Purple Thunder (from @PaulG.)

I'm starting all of these in my new to me IDOO 12 pod unit (mixed grow with some herbs and tomatoes thrown in......). Here is the state of my peppers thus far:





I've got one pod of Bubblegum that should hook in the next day or so, along with my second set of Anaheim, Mucho Nacho, Poblano, and Bubblegum. The Guajillo, Pasilla, Choc Habanero and Elephant (from Matt's Peppers - @catchthebear) were just sown in the past couple of days, so no activity there yet.

Since I'm limited on space in the IDOO12, I will transplant my seedlings some time in the next week or so to make some more room. The extra IDOO7 unit in my log sheet is one I found on NextDoor recently that I'm going to be giving to a friend of mine, so I will lose that space shortly. :) All of these plants will eventually be moved outside into containers (I've got four wine barrel halves, and will pick up some 5 gallon buckets or other suitable containers) since I don't have any actual dirt I can plant them into.

I've read a lot, watched a lot of videos, and feel a lot like I did when I first started brewing beer back in '92........so much to process, but most of what I learn, I suspect will come from actually doing it! :)

I'll try to keep this updated as things progress.

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Not too much new outside other than some more pods on the Pasilla & Guajillo, with the first Anaheim poking out, too (which is good, as that was the plant that was dropping flowers before.) I counted 24 more buds on the Pasilla plant, but was too lazy to count any of the other plants.

Here's a pic of the new crop of plants that I got going. As it turns out, I'm glad I have the Ghostly and Mattapeno going since I lost one of the Mucho Nacho plants (pruned it back to just a forked "stalk", and it's done nothing since.)

Left to right, back to front: Basil x2, Lemon Starrburst, Mattapeno, Golden Ghostly, SRP (oh, and the lemon "tree" in the Solo cup)


The SRP has been interesting. Every true leaf has displayed that crinkly edge from the start (began in my hydro setup.) The leaves feel totally normal, and the nutrients provided are the same for all of these plants. Maybe just a weird genetic trait? It's got buds already, so it must be somewhat happy......



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I usually am stymied by canoeing leaves. My volunteer
purple flower chacoense has terrible canoeing this season,
so I cut it back and put it outside hoping for some miraculous
improvement. It is still setting pods, so like your SRP probably
still healthy 😉


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Checking in a day late as we had some friends in town..... All the peppers look happy with pods set on my Chilaca (I'll stop calling it Pasilla until I've dried them), Guajillo, Poblano, Anaheim, and Mucho Nacho. Just a few pics today.....



Poblano #1


Poblano #2


I'm hardening off the indoor crew, and hope to get those moved out sometime this week. It's been warm here, but I'm still managing to keep myself from overwatering! :) I'm giving the peppers a good drink about every 5 days now.

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I'm enjoying reading your grow log. Like me, your primary emphasis seems to be on the mole peppers. And you live in the Bay area.
Thanks, Sonja, glad you are enjoying it. I'm happy that I'm having a better season thus far than previous ones, and can't wait for harvest time! It'll be fun to make some of my favorite Mexican dishes with my own peppers.


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Well, everyone is finally outside.....the IDOO is still not able to take a break since I've got lettuce growing in there now.... 🤣🤣

SRP and Lemon Starrburst


Mattapeno and Golden Ghostly Jalapeno


My last PT F4 got placed with its older cousin


Had a near disaster with some wind yesterday evening!!!


Some pretty pods/plants




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We've had some pretty hot weather going on (peaked at 108 last week), but for the most part, all my plants are tolerating things well. Had to increase the watering schedule a bit, though! I am starting to get some color changes on my Anaheim, Chilaca (Pasilla) and Guajillo.....otherwise, just waiting for things to mature a bit more before doing some (hopefully) harvesting....





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Look, ma, peppers! 🤣 My jalapenos stopped getting any bigger (they were small), so I decided to pull them off in the hopes that the next round of fruit would be bigger. Also harvested some Poblano and Anaheim....


My Guajillo is showing some nice color....


And my second Anaheim has grown into a lovely plant that has not set a single pod....every flower that has developed just dries up and falls off. 😡


Oh, well.....I'll keep watering and providing nutrients, hopefully we'll see more pods, bigger pods, and HOTTER pods! 🤣


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I'm still here, just been really busy! :) That Anaheim I posted about last time has come to life, and I have over a dozen pods on it, so happy that it's producing. I'm still greatly disappointed in my supposed "Mucho" Nacho jalapenos that are tiny, and have no heat.....some new buds starting to form on that one, so fingers crossed. Neither my Golden Ghostly or my Mattapeno have done much in the way of growing, let alone setting flowers, so going to give them some nutes today and see if that kicks them into gear.

I haven't had the time to snap any photos lately, but did get this one of my Guajillo and Poblano peppers going into the dehydrator (destined to be powder)....


Hopefully I'll have more time in the next week or two to share some more pics! :)



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Life has been getting in the way of an update, so here it is.... :) Everything is still growing well, though production isn't as high as I wanted. Working on a more consistent nutrients addition schedule to see what effect that has. In the meantime, my Mucho Nacho is loading up again with fruit, hoping for larger and hotter this round....


I have my first really hot pods showing up..... Chocolate Habanero


...and a very small BBG


No pods yet on the PT F4 plants, but lots of flowers and they look healthy. Poblano, Guajillo, Pasilla and Anaheim are all continuing to produce some nice pods! Back soon! :)



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Glad to see pods there, Rich. I hope
that the PT F4's pull through for you.


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A quick update.....

Choco Hab starting to color up....


BBG coming along


More harvest from my most prolific plant (Anaheim)


Second round of fruit set on my Mucho Nacho (first round was small, and NO HEAT!!)


This very small plant starting to produce some fruit. Can't remember if this is the Mattapeno or the Golden Ghostly....


No new pods on either PT F4 plant, but fingers crossed some of this hot weather we're having kicks things into gear....plenty of flowers!



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Update on the last fruit from the Mucho Nacho....they had decent jalapeno heat. 👍🏼

First BBG is colored up....


More Choco Habs getting ripe (I have picked four already that I'll be making hot honey with today)


No pics, but my Guajillo, Poblano and Anheims all continue to produce well. I'm considering my jalapenos to be a bust for this year, as I got minimal production, and only some with any heat. Have some NuMex seeds that I plan to try next year.....