beer Rocketmans Flaming Pumpkin Colonial Brew

Medium Crystal


In the bag.



In the bag.

Chocolate Malt


Yep, in the bag.

All grains are based and ready to go.



Hops bagged


Pretty well set for brew night.
I'm lost.  So you pre-boil the water (3.5 gal) and chill it before you brew? 
You have to flush your CF chiller with sanitizer every time also?  Then you need a pump?  What's the advantage over an immersion chiller sanitized in boiling wort?
12.875 gain bill with BIAB = 8 gal total water
Just trying to follow along and learn. 
Ohh and why put an airlock on the flask when it needs oxygen?


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I'll venture some guesses ...

RM has pretty extreme water, I know it's come up before, so he's probably precipitating out unwanted's with a pre-boil ...

You can use gravity fed sanitizer flushing as an alternative to pumping, so that's that part ...

And on the airlock, tin foil would be preferred, I guess ... Brulosopher or Kai T., or Sean Terril proved that one out here in the past year or two, I know I read ...
Ok, let's see now

Pre boil and chill water, well my brew pot is only 5 gallons so boiling the whole 5 gallons doesn't work very well and Inalways do more water than I really need so a gallon and a half will come out before the 4 gallon boil goes in.

I rinse out the CFC after use to clear out the wort and then sanitize because I was taught to sanitize everything. Besides why not when you have a fermenter full of it and your just going to dump it, and yes gravity feed as GM said.

This isn't BIAB, I just use the grain bag to control the grain and make clean up easier.

Lastly, haven't read anything saying an airlock in a starter flask is bad and foil was good and when I bought it it came with one, so...

Oh, hops added and boil time started.


Next up pumpkin added.
Ok, no I didn't post the pic at the 60 minute point so,


Pumpkin in, spice pack in about 10 minutes at flame out.


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Lookin' good ... pumpkin flotilla!

There's like 4-5 posts before this one, also very interesting ;)

Seemingly confirmed by Jamil ...
It was late when I finished and since I over used my hand it was killing me so here are the final shots.

Transferring to the fermenter


Temp after transferring 4 gallons hot wort into 2 gallons of chilled water.


Into the chamber at 68 dF for a week


then into a secondary for 2 more. Can't wait till its ready!

wheebz said:
I always use tin foil for starters for the first 24 hours, then throw an airlock on it if I am going to let it sit for another day or two like I do any brett cultures.
Good to know, thanks brother. Curious, do you let it keep stiring if your going longer than 24 hours?
nope, not unless I am pitching one starter into a larger starter
say I am propagating up small isolated colonies cultured from the side of some fruit, ill step it up into a 250ml batch, then a 2L, then 1bbl, then 15, then 200, so on and so forth.
Cool.  I'm trying to avoid secondary.  2 weeks in primary then a week in the keg.  Probably should go 3 weeks in primary but I need more ferment buckets.....and drink less lol.  I want to try this recipe or some type of pumpkin.  It looks less pumpkinny than adding canned pumpkin.  It seems every time I try a pumpkin beer I only want 1 or 2 and I'm done.  At that rate it would take up keg space too long.  I could bottle it from keg but have not tried it yet.
RocketMan said:
OG after boil 1.052
SG2 when racked to Secondary 1.010


Current ABV 5.5%
That fermented real nice. Well done, my friend.

Worked some magic while racking and it'll go 2 more weeks in the secondary
On my way home from the hospital today Instiped by ABC mainly to see if Incoukd find some Ten Fiddy, I've been wanting to try it. Of course they didn't have any. I did find these though and GM, you've got to try this first one.

Southern Tier Worlock an Imperial Stout


Oh My Goodness was this ever good!

And of course Southern Tier Pumking



Oh and did I mention that it's Apple Butter night?


That's right Wheebz, Bourbon Fatalii Apple Butter