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beer Rocketmans Flaming Pumpkin Colonial Brew

Took the SG


Yep, 1.010. I'm going to give it another week, start cold crash on Wednesday and bottle/keg on Friday

Clearing up nicely.

I would do it up this weekend but my legs have been bleeding pressure through the lid so I ordered 2 new ones which will be in next week. Hopefully that will take care of that.
RM has been doing this beer before I even moved to Florida.

This is one of the best spiced ales I have had.

RM took advice from me when I was fresh out of school and a novice at making beer

If this is anything like he sent me at Darwins it will be amazing. I gave him some little things here and there but I actually asked him for this recipe a while ago. It's incredible.
His pumpkin style beer is one of the best I've ever had. Better than mine. He had this down to a T.

BTW I want my same apple butter
I'm going to get it to you as soon as I can, been dealing with a little hitch in my giddy-up


The 4th and 5th Metstarsal are broken and I'll be having surgery in Nov 11th to fix them. I'll get it out to you though. Maybe a little something extra too.

Grant it's funny you refer to Wheebz as Sensei, when I first pm'd him about help with brewing I called him Fermented Sensei and referred to myself as grasshopper and if you get the reference then you watch too much old TV


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I wonder if I can source a pumpkin now? ... I didn't think about that, and planned to order the grain bill next time I brought in supplies ...
I'll have to see if Publix still has pumpkin ...
I'd think you'd still be able to get it at least through Thanksgiving. If not I'd think that you could probably find some canned organic pumpkin. Though the fresh would make a big difference in the taste, organic canned would be the closest to it I can imagine.
Finally got around at calculating the efficiency, 69.56%. I'm pretty sure it would have been better had I not had a spilling of the wort issue. I think I could have probably hit the 75% mark at least. 

First off got to sanitize everything


Prep for bulk priming, it's the best way to do it and prevent the dreaded bottle bomb. First combine 3/4 cup of table sugar with 4 cups of water and bring to a boil for 5 minutes.


Cool it and add to the bottling bucket then it's time to rack over the brew.


Didn't get a picture of it but I filled 10 22 ounce bottles first then about 3 gallons went into the keg. Hum, if you allow it to condition in a keg like it does in the bottle is that the same as Cask conditioned?


And finally label the keg


In 2 weeks it'll be time to enjoy!

Planning to save some bottles to enter into a competition, HTH, could use a little guidance on this

Cheers Y'all!


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I know some folks turn the keg on it's side, put bags of ice over it, and prop up the butt end and work it cask style ...

You put a gas post on your picnic ... and you put a piece of cotton in the end of a bev line attached to a liquid connection as the snorkel through the spear ...
When you bottle do you use one of those bottling wand attachments, or do you just use the tubing off the bottling bucket?
tctenten said:
When you bottle do you use one of those bottling wand attachments, or do you just use the tubing off the bottling bucket?
I use a small piece of the tubing to the wand. I'll have to do a pic when I bottle next. It's perfect height to set on the counter above the dishwasher. I sit in a chair and pull the bottles out of the dishwasher as I need them and any spills land on the dishwasher door where it will wash off.


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Wand, makes it a lot easier to fill the bottle to the correct level as well as moving from bottle to bottle without spilling a lot of beer.

Totally, this.

With only a gallon, you can't be overflowin' ...