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RYMERPT 2022 into 2023 GLOG

My buddy asked me for seeds a couple weeks ago. I told him its to late in the season, but b sent him the seeds anyway. This will be his first time growing peppers and he is going with a small hydroponic kit he bought.
Well, because he started this late, I thought what the hell. Sooo I ordered a new heat matt (should arrive today) and went out and bought some soil. Im using the same solo cup method that has worked so well before. Two cups, top cup has holes, water from the bottom up.
I sowed (three seeds per cup) 1) REAPER 2) YELLOW NAGA REAPER 3) FATALI 4) TEPIN X LEMONDROP View attachment 108 143[/ATTACH]


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Dammit, I fried couple of my babies. I gave them another dose of 10-10-10. I was not thinking about how they are not all the same age. I think I may have lost three. ( pouty face)
One of my Farmers market JalapeƱos came to me this morning and begged me to alow him to perchance a taco truck. He says he and his buddy Juan have come up with some bagging recipes that would sell like wildfire.I told him that he needs to concentrate more on his studies so he can ace his finals. Bowing his head he replied, "yes poppy".