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Scovie's Bits. (And maybe some cooking)


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The Hot Pepper said:
Unless you get it take out, and they put a plastic lid on so it steams until it looks like your foot was in the bathtub an hour.
EWWW. It did take me awhile to convince my wife that take out tempura is an awful idea though.
Take out tempura. hmmmm No.

To-go cartons can ruin just about anything deep fried. It turns the food into leftovers in a hurry.

There's no help for french fried yams tho, they taste like bathtub feet anyway. :Rofl:

(I imagine hahahaha)
Makin Chili for the big game tomorrow. Manchester City vs. Arsenal.


It's my Grandmas Chili that I've posted a hundred and seventyfour times.

Pork Butt, California, Chile Negro, Hatch, New Mexico and Red Savina dried Chiles. Onion, Jalapeño, Garlic, Cumin, canned sliced peeled tomatoes, tomato sauce and tomatoe purée.

Once in awhile, like now, I added 1.5 lbs of ground Chuck for a little more bulk. It simmered until bedtime last night and I had to cool it quickly to get it all in the fridge. It made 3 gallons. I think I'll be making Chili con huevos for breakfast. Pics in a few hours.


The Hot Pepper

What does Pork Butt, California mean?