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Secret Satan 2018

bob65 said:
Santa Satan delivered a day early for me today.
Fantastic box of sauce and spice rub turned up today.
2 bottles of Lucky Dog sauce
1 bottle of Texas Creek sauce
2 bottles of Dee Roo sauce
1 bottle of Dee Roo spice rub.
Excellent selection Dru, thanks mate.
Very glad to see those arrived safely in time!  The USPS agent was pretty adamant that Australia would not accept the package, despite my saying that I'd sent several boxes of chili sauce down under over the past few years, which had me paranoid it wouldn't arrive at all.  :)
SmokenFire said:
@ SL - 
Is that bloody mary mix any good?  Someone gave me a bottle of it a while back but I've never opened it.  If it's high quality stuff I'll pop it for New Year's Day.  :)
It is a good easy mix. I can't mix a good bloody Mary from scratch for anything. Demitris is a great shortcut. A grind of fresh pepper, splash of dilly bean juice, dash of hot sauce or hot salt....it works for us.

Edit-little side story...we discovered Demitris several years ago at the local Hanks market. While attending the first Portland OR hot sauce expo, demitris was set up in the VIP tent mixing small drinks and giving out single sample packs. I stopped by the booth and said something like...OMG, I am So glad to have found your mix cuz I can't do a mix to save my life! The folks at the booth were like... "really? Well here have a couple of this flavor, take some these, have a koozie, want some more of these? These are extra spicy..." It was like Halloween for a grown up. :dance:
That was a fun event.
i sampled the BBQ sauce that came in my Secret Satan box and its really good. sweet and spicy with a little smoke. working on finishing off the rib roast from xmas day so i took a couple of ribs and broiled them with salt & pepper. great lunch! thanks boss!  :cheers:
edit: forgot pic

Thanks, Capt Caliente. It's been fun working on that one.
I hope you give other the sauces a fair taste and if it's not your cup of tea, pass them on. It's all good~
Can you post a pic?

Happy 2019 Everyone!
Masher said:
Thank you Secret Satan luvmesump3pp3rs.

Excellent choices for me and really excited about thecSpicy chili crisp and the dried pepper blend.

Great packaging too. Thanks and Merry Christmas.

Pepper people are the best



Had to revisit this thread and post up about the Spicey Chilli Crisp.

Pictured far left.

Holy moly what a great product. This stuff is fantastic.

I put it on or in just about everything.

That's again bud, great find.