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Secret Satan 2018

Aw, SHEESH! You guys are too funny. All ya gots ta do is send a PM, then I'll tell ya how out of everything I am, and it is about time to make sauces and post a Pick6 sale.....
And some weekenders are heading to the methow expecting to be buying sawses at the local market....

DadGum.... (and according to a certain high profile football player, that is not swearing).....

Yea, time to get back in the kitchen for a few days.
saiias said:
Boss man, if stored in 'fridge', it can last upto an year. BTW you can also eat it with plain rice. Regarding herbs, let me ask mom and get back to you.

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Any update?
Thank you Bob65 , and apologies to ( I guess) to Shorerider, and all involved , for the South African postal services .
I received my package from Australia today , but my package is ( hopefully) still on it's way to Australia.