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Secret Satan 2019


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Thank you again for such a cool package. The sauces are great, the Italian stuff "awesome." I will sound campy if I say more, but please know my appreciation. BUT, I gotta say "but" you nailed me personally with that book. I bullshit you not. Some may think I make rather bodacious claims, I am simply just a regular dude, all I say can easily be fact-checked.  So here I offer as evidence, real proof for my appreciation. My work station..





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I was thinking... as sometimes I do, perhaps you "we" might offer some kind of 50/50 deal. 
That is to say perhaps that an offer be extended that all participants pledge to send "two" bottles of hot sauce to THP. Only two (2). After all participants have mailed their two bottles, THP keeps one of all, and the "lucky winner" gets one bottle from all.. I think it a cool idea, but just now contemplated shipping costs et all...
Another beer and I will figure this thing out...  :cheers:


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The Hot Pepper said:
I'm thinking we need a summer edition of this.  :onfire:
Hell yeah, we do! I was thinking the same thing! :party:

WarrantMan said:
Revisited. Nope, hammered and I'm out.  :cheers:
BWAHAHAHAHA!!! :drunk:
I just shot a little bit of coffee out of my nose! "Thanks", Reggie! :rofl:

If I've said it once, I've said it a million times; I love this freakin' forum!


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A very nice gift came last night. Truly appreciate it and I’m sorry to everyone on this thread for acting like an ass hole. My sincerest apologies to everyone on this thread, I shouldn’t have acted like that. Thank you Paul for the lovely gift. I obviously didn’t know this was coming from over seas, but that’s no excuse to act that way. I’m still grateful for the friendships I’ve made on here and the helpful information. Happy New Years everyone, stay safe out there tonight and keep it spicy. I’m going to send you out some seeds Paul.

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Sorry for showing up late to the party; just got back from a month-long trip overseas!
WOW, after seeing everyone else's gift, I feel so ashamed that I didn't give my recipient more despite my tight schedule (Sorry Harry_Dangler!  How was your New Years meal??)  I will do better next time!
Huge shout out to luvmesump3pp3rz!!  A beautiful set by El Yucateco, and delicious habanero powder (what a kick!). Also, I finally have a chance to try out Warrant Man's hot sauce!

Thank you, THP, for arranging this!  Looking forward to next time. 


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It’s not about volume, but in the giving. The two “Secret Satan” runs have been awesome. Folks from all over the US and abroad, took the time, effort and money to send stuff out. All is counted. No tit-for-tat or anything of the sort.  Good nature, good fun. The participation alone sets us apart. Never second guess that at all!
I got lucky to send two-packages-in-one to a friend in Australia, who has blessed me already beyond great measure. As have many others here as well, the PPATB thread speaks for itself in this regard. This effort was just a unique way to offer people a chance to share otherwise, and all are appreciative.
I feel particularly blessed in what THP sent me, I show it proudly in my professional world. But I have to take notice and offer special “thanks” to  luvmesump3pp3rz for being confident enough to share my stuff and even prouder to acknowledge that phayanagaflame even knows my stuff to offer appreciation for having received it.
I am blessed four times over in this thing and can't even begin to offer proper "thanks." So I will end on this, you guys/gals all "rock!" And most certainly all here know PPATB! Will I participate next year? Only if I am alive! Cheers all!  :cheers: