Seed Fundraiser - Christopher Phillips

To:  All THP members.
Subject: Fund raising event to benefit Christopher Phillips
We are auctioning off a huge assortment of seeds for the benefit of Christopher Phillips. Offering includes seeds from some of our best purveyors, some non-isolated seeds, some interesting crosses, and some extremely rare wild seeds - other items may be added as the bids increase. Based upon the projected final bid price, you may want to partner up with one or more friends to split the cost and share the seeds.  We are guessing that you will never see anything like this again. This fund raiser is all about helping a brother in need so let's make sure that we bid high and bid often. Thanks.
This is a fundraising event to benefit Christopher Phillips battle with Acute Lymphoblastic Leukemia.  All proceeds from this event will be donated.
This fundraising event beings now and will close at 6:00 p.m. CST on Wednesday, December 16, 2015 unless otherwise extended in accordance with paragraph 5 of these rules.
We reserve the right to cancel this fundraiser at any time prior to notification that a winner has been determined.  We reserve the right to add items to this fundraiser at any time prior to notification that a winner has been determined.  You must be a THP member to participate.  By bidding, you are stating that you are ready and willing to purchase the items for your bid amount disclosed in the listing.  If you are outbid, you are under no obligation to buy.  But in all other cases, you are entering a contract with the seller to buy the item, and to deliver payment within the time period specified.  If you can't pay, on time, please don't bid.   Your bids are final and non-retractable.  Your bids must be posted to this forum.
We have done our best to ensure the accuracy of the items offered as part of this fundraiser.  However, we make no representations of accuracy or of germination rates.  There are no guaranties of quantity of the seeds.
Normally, a fundraising closes at the scheduled time as displayed within the listing.  However, if there are successful bids entered within the last 30 minutes of the closing time, then the auction will go into overtime.  The fundraiser will be extended until there are no further bids for a continuous 30 minutes.  Overtime helps dissuade "snipers", or last second bidders.  For example, you may have spent considerable time achieving your high bid status at an auction.  Without overtime, someone could time their bid entry to within a few seconds of the closing, leaving you without enough time to notice the bid and enter one in response
Payment must be made via PayPal within 48 hours of notification that you have won.  Shipment of the fundraising items will be made to a single, valid U.S. address after verification of donations, totaling the winning amount, being received into Christopher Phillips’ PayPal account.  If you are partnering with someone, it is your responsibility to make sure that all funds are received – shipment will not be made until total donation is received.  Other donations via direct contribution into Chris’ PayPal account are encouraged and are greatly appreciated.
The Seeds:
7 Pot, Barrackpore  (Buckeye Pepper Co)
7 Pot, Barrackpore  {Judy Hamdan)
7 Pot, Brainstrain  (Buckeye Pepper Co)
7 Pot, Brainstrain  {Judy Hamdan)
7 Pot, Brainstrain, Yellow  {Judy Hamdan)
7 Pot, Brown  (Buckeye Pepper Co)
7 Pot, Bubblegum  (Buckeye Pepper Co)
7 Pot, Caramel (PL)  {Judy Hamdan)
7 Pot, Caramel (PL)  {Judy Hamdan)
7 Pot, Chagaunas  {Judy Hamdan)
7 Pot, Chaguanas Red  (Buckeye Pepper Co)
7 Pot, Chaguanas Red  {Judy Hamdan)
7 Pot, Congo SR Gigantic  {Judy Hamdan)
7 Pot, Congo SR Gigantic  {Judy Hamdan)
7 Pot, Congo SR Gigantic  {Judy Hamdan)
7 Pot, Daisy Cutter Yellow  (Buckeye Pepper Co)
7 Pot, Defcon  (Buckeye Pepper Co)
7 Pot, Douglah Yellow  (Buckeye Pepper Co)
7 Pot, Jonah  (Jungle Rain)
7 Pot, Jonah  (Jungle Rain)
7 Pot, Jonah  {Judy Hamdan)
7 Pot, Jonah Yellow  (Jungle Rain)
7 Pot, Large Red  {Judy Hamdan)
7 Pot, Large Red  {Judy Hamdan)
7 Pot, Long - LG  {Judy Hamdan)
7 Pot, Orange  {Judy Hamdan)
7 Pot, Orange  {Judy Hamdan)
7 Pot, Orange  {Judy Hamdan)
7 Pot, Peach  {Judy Hamdan)
7 Pot, Primo  (Tony Primo)
7 Pot, Primo  {Judy Hamdan)
7 Pot, Primo  {Judy Hamdan)
7 Pot, Primo Orange  (Semillas La Palma)
7 Pot, Rennie Brown  (Buckeye Pepper Co)
7 Pot, Rennie Red  (Midwest Chileheads)
7 Pot, Trinidad Brown  {Judy Hamdan)
7 Pot, Trinidad Brown  {Judy Hamdan)
7 Pot, Trinidad Large Yellow  {Judy Hamdan)
7 Pot, White  {Judy Hamdan)
7 Pot, White  {Judy Hamdan)
7 Pot, Yellow  (Buckeye Pepper Co)
Aji Amarillo  (TradeWindFruits)
Aji Amarillo  {Judy Hamdan)
Aji Angol  {Judy Hamdan)
Aji Benito  (Buckeye Pepper Co)
Aji Brazilian Starfish  (TradeWindFruits)
Aji Calabaza (PL)  {Judy Hamdan)
Aji Cito  {Judy Hamdan)
Aji Cristal  (Seed Saver's Exchange)
Aji Cristal  (Buckeye Pepper Co)
Aji Dulce, Red  (Buckeye Pepper Co)
Aji Habanero  {Judy Hamdan)
Aji Limon  {Judy Hamdan)
Aji Orchid  (TradeWindFruits)
Aji Panca  (TradeWindFruits)
Aji Peruvian  {Judy Hamdan)
Aji Rojo  (TradeWindFruits)
Aji Verde  {Judy Hamdan)
Alba Regia  (Refining Fire Chiles)
Alcalde  (Midwest Chileheads)
Aleppo  ((Ford's Fiery Foods))
Aleppo  {Judy Hamdan)
Ancient Sweet  (Buckeye Pepper Co)
Angkor Sunrise  (Rainbow Seeds)
Banana, Hungarian Hot Wax  {Judy Hamdan)
Banana, Hungarian Hot Wax  (Buckeye Pepper Co)
Bell, Carnival Hybrid Mix  (Burpee)
Bell, Ruby King  (Seed Saver's Exchange)
Berry Amarillo  {Judy Hamdan)
Bhut Jolokia, Assam  (Jungle Rain)
Bhut Jolokia, Assam Raja Peach  (Jungle Rain)
Bhut Jolokia, Caramel  (Jungle Rain)
Bhut Jolokia, Chocolate  (Buckeye Pepper Co)
Bhut Jolokia, Chocolate  {Judy Hamdan)
Bhut Jolokia, Indian Carbon  {Judy Hamdan)
Bhut Jolokia, K  (Rainbow Seeds)
Bhut Jolokia, Orange  {Judy Hamdan)
Bhut Jolokia, Orange  {Judy Hamdan)
Bhut Jolokia, Peach  {Judy Hamdan)
Bhut Jolokia, Peach  (Buckeye Pepper Co)
Bhut Jolokia, Peach, Selected Strain  {Judy Hamdan)
Bhut Jolokia, Red   {Judy Hamdan)
Bhut Jolokia, Red, Improved II  (Semillas La Palma)
Bhut Jolokia, White  {Judy Hamdan)
Bhut Jolokia, White  {Judy Hamdan)
Bhut Jolokia, Yellow  {Judy Hamdan)
Bhut Jolokia, Yellow  {Judy Hamdan)
Bih Jolokia  {Judy Hamdan)
Birgit's Locoto  (TradeWindFruits)
Black Naga    (Buckeye Pepper Co)
Black Stinger  (Jungle Rain)
Blondie  (Jungle Rain)
Bombay Morich   {Judy Hamdan)
Bonnet Bell, Hot  (Rainbow Seeds)
Brown Moruga  {Judy Hamdan)
Bulgarian Carrot  (Seed Saver's Exchange)
Calusa Indian Mound  {Judy Hamdan)
CAP 215  {Judy Hamdan)
CAP 501  {Judy Hamdan)
CAP 539  {Judy Hamdan)
CAP 691  {Judy Hamdan)
Carliston Biber  ((Ford's Fiery Foods))
Carmen Sweet  (Rainbow Seeds)
Carolina Reaper  (Midwest Chileheads)
Cayenne, Joe's Long  (Seed Saver's Exchange)
Cayenne, Joe's Long  (Seed Saver's Exchange)
Cayenne, Maule's Red Hot  (Seed Saver's Exchange)
Cayenne, Portugal  (Seed Saver's Exchange)
Cayenne, Portugal  (Seed Saver's Exchange)
Cayenne, Ring of Fire  (Sandia Seed)
Cayenne, Ring of Fire  (TradeWindFruits)
Cayenne, Sweet  {Judy Hamdan)
CGN 19198  {Judy Hamdan)
CGN 20800  {Judy Hamdan)
CGN 20812, PI15923  {Judy Hamdan)
CGN 22091  {Judy Hamdan)
CGN 22091  {Judy Hamdan)
CGN 22091  {Judy Hamdan)
CGN 22792, PI 260478  {Judy Hamdan)
CGN 22794, PI260595 (Goat Pepper)  {Judy Hamdan)
CGN 22795  {Judy Hamdan)
CGN 22869/PI 260429  {Judy Hamdan)
CGN 24332  {Judy Hamdan)
CGN 24360  {Judy Hamdan)
CGN 24360  {Judy Hamdan)
Chapeu de Frade  (Buckeye Pepper Co)
Cola de Rata  (Semillas La Palma)
Cross =  Douglah X Naga (Armageddon)  (Rainbow Seeds)
Cross = 7 Pot Brainstrain X Naga Morich F2  (Jungle Rain)
Cross = 7 Pot Jonah X  TScorpion Butch T  (Jungle Rain)
Cross = 7 Pot Primo X TS Butch F3  (Jungle Rain)
Cross = 7 Pot X 7 Pot Douglah  (Jungle Rain)
Cross = 7 Pot X Congo, Red Variant  (Jungle Rain)
Cross = 7 Pot X Congo, Yellow Variant  (Jungle Rain)
Cross = Bhut Jolokia Chocolate X 7 Pot Yellow  (Jungle Rain)
Cross = Bhut Jolokia Chocolate X T Scorpion  (Jungle Rain)
Cross = Bhut Jolokia X Douglah (Brown)  (Semillas La Palma)
Cross = Bhut Jolokia X Douglah (Red)  (Semillas La Palma)
Cross = Bhut Jolokia X Habanero White Giant  (Jungle Rain)
Cross = Bhut Jolokia X Naga (Nagalah Red)  (Buckeye Pepper Co)
Cross = Bhut Jolokia X Pimenta de Neyde (Black)  (Jungle Rain)
Cross = Buzz F1  (Rainbow Seeds)
Cross = Dare F1  (Rainbow Seeds)
Cross = Dzinka  (Rainbow Seeds)
Cross = Fatali X Cleo's Dragon  (Jungle Rain)
Cross = Inca Red Drop/Aji Amarillo  {Judy Hamdan)
Cross = JAFSH (Brown)  (Semillas La Palma)
Cross = Jalapeno X Bhut Jolokia F3  (Jungle Rain)
Cross = Jalapeno X Chaotian  (Buckeye Pepper Co)
Cross = Jay's Ghost Scorpion, Peach  (Buckeye Pepper Co)
Cross = Jay's Ghost Scorpion, Red  (Buckeye Pepper Co)
Cross = Madballz  (Jungle Rain)
Cross = Naga X Douglah Brown  (Buckeye Pepper Co)
Cross = Naga X Douglah Brown  (Buckeye Pepper Co)
Cross = Red 7 Pot X Red Savina  (Buckeye Pepper Co)
Cross = Spikes F1  (Rainbow Seeds)
Cross = Spikes F1  (Rainbow Seeds)
Cross = Tscorpion ButchT X Douglah  (Buckeye Pepper Co)
Cross = TScorpion Chocolate X 7 Pot Barrakpore F2  (Jungle Rain)
Cross = TScorpion Chocolate X 7 Pot Jonah F3  (Jungle Rain)
Cross = TScorpion Sunrise X T Scorpion Chocolate F2  (Jungle Rain)
Cross = TScorpion X Pimenta Moranga  (Jungle Rain)
Cross = Vivo F1  (Rainbow Seeds)
Cross = Vladan Viper  (Rainbow Seeds)
Cross = Zalac - Stinger  (Rainbow Seeds)
Cumari (True)  {Judy Hamdan)
Cumra Cherry  {Judy Hamdan)
Cyklon  (Seed Saver's Exchange)
Dare F-1  (Rainbow Seeds)
Dedo De Moca  {Judy Hamdan)
Devil's Tongue, Chocolate  (Jungle Rain)
Devil's Tongue, Yellow  {Judy Hamdan)
Dorset Naga  {Judy Hamdan)
Dulce Sol (PL)  {Judy Hamdan)
Emamapa  (Jungle Rain)
Fatali, Orange  (Buckeye Pepper Co)
Fatali, Yellow  (Buckeye Pepper Co)
Fogo  (Rainbow Seeds)
Galapogoense  {Judy Hamdan)
Goat's Weed  {Judy Hamdan)
Goronong  (Semillas La Palma)
Guadaloupe  (Rainbow Seeds)
Guindilla Verde  (Semillas La Palma)
Habalokia Brown  (Buckeye Pepper Co)
Habanero, Antillas Caribbean  (Semillas La Palma)
Habanero, Bahamian Goat  (Jungle Rain)
Habanero, Bahamian Goat  (Semillas La Palma)
Habanero, Big Sun  {Judy Hamdan)
Habanero, Bonda ma Jacques  (Jungle Rain)
Habanero, Brown  (Semillas La Palma)
Habanero, Chocolate  (Buckeye Pepper Co)
Habanero, Chocolate  {Judy Hamdan)
Habanero, Giant Chocolate  John Lackey
Habanero, Green  (Semillas La Palma)
Habanero, Harold St. Barts  (Buckeye Pepper Co)
Habanero, Magnum  Beth Boyd
Habanero, Mustard  (Seed Saver's Exchange)
Habanero, Orange  {Judy Hamdan)
Habanero, Orange, Craig's Double Hot  (Semillas La Palma)
Habanero, Paper Lantern  (Buckeye Pepper Co)
Habanero, Peach  (Seed Saver's Exchange)
Habanero, Red  (Seed Saver's Exchange)
Habanero, Red Paper Lantern  {Judy Hamdan)
Habanero, Red Savina
Habanero, Tazmanian Red  (Semillas La Palma)
Hawaiian Sweet Hot  (Buckeye Pepper Co)
Inca Red Drop  {Judy Hamdan)
Infinity  (Jungle Rain)
Israeli Sweet  (Rainbow Seeds)
Jalapeno,  Farmers  {Judy Hamdan)
Jalapeno, Biker Billy  (Burpee)
Jalapeno, Gigante  (Burpee)
Jamaican Gold  (Jungle Rain)
Japone  (Buckeye Pepper Co)
Jivaro  (Rainbow Seeds)
Jonah's Yellow Brain (PL)  {Judy Hamdan)
Liebesapfel  (Refining Fire Chiles)
Locato (PI 387838)  {Judy Hamdan)
Mafeking Mauve  (Buckeye Pepper Co)
Mako Akokasrade  {Judy Hamdan)
Mako Akokasrade  {Judy Hamdan)
Maldavian Pepper  (Rainbow Seeds)
Malih-Helow  {Judy Hamdan)
Maras  {Judy Hamdan)
Maras Biber  ((Ford's Fiery Foods))
Mek Phet  (Rainbow Seeds)
Naga Morich  {Judy Hamdan)
Naga Morich  {Judy Hamdan)
Naga, Bali  (Jungle Rain)
Naga, Bali  (Jungle Rain)
Naga, Bengal  (Buckeye Pepper Co)
Naga, Bengal  (Jungle Rain)
Naga, Big Bang Chocolate  (Semillas La Palma)
Naga, Burmese  (Jungle Rain)
Naga, Burmese  (Jungle Rain)
Naga, Cornish  (Buckeye Pepper Co)
Naga, Monster  {Judy Hamdan)
Naga, Monster  {Judy Hamdan)
Naga, Peach (PL)  {Judy Hamdan)
Naga, Viper  (Buckeye Pepper Co)
Naga, Viper  (Jungle Rain)
Nage, Cornish  (Buckeye Pepper Co)
Nu-Mex, Barker's  (Midwest Chileheads)
Nu-Mex, Barker's X-Hot  (Sandia Seed)
Nu-Mex, Chimayo  (Sandia Seed)
Nu-Mex, Hatch Green  (Sandia Seed)
Nu-Mex, Hatch Red  (Sandia Seed)
Nu-Mex, Heritage Big Jim  (Midwest Chileheads)
Nu-Mex, Lumbre  (Sandia Seed)
Nu-Mex, Lumbre  (Midwest Chileheads)
Nu-Mex, Sandia  (Midwest Chileheads)
Nu-Mex, Sunset  (Buckeye Pepper Co)
Pasilla De Oaxaca  {Judy Hamdan)
Peach Congo (PL)  {Judy Hamdan)
Pepperoncini  (TradeWindFruits)
Peter Pepper, Red  {Judy Hamdan)
PI 281317  {Judy Hamdan)
PI 281429  {Judy Hamdan)
PI 497974 (Aji Orchid)  {Judy Hamdan)
PI 497974 (Aji Orchid)  {Judy Hamdan)
PI 640803  (Rainbow Seeds)
Pluma (PL)  {Judy Hamdan)
Praetermisum, Pointed  {Judy Hamdan)
Red Popper, Sweet  (Burpee)
Red Pumpkin  {Judy Hamdan)
Red Squash  (Buckeye Pepper Co)
Rocoto, Aji Oro  {Judy Hamdan)
Rocoto, Costa Rican Yello  {Judy Hamdan)
Rocoto, Ecuadorian Red  {Judy Hamdan)
Rocoto, Giant Mexican  {Judy Hamdan)
Rocoto, Guatemalan Red  {Judy Hamdan)
Rocoto, Guatemalan Red  {Judy Hamdan)
Rocoto, Pineapple  {Judy Hamdan)
Rocoto, Rio Huallago  {Judy Hamdan)
Santa Fe Grande  (Seed Saver's Exchange)
Scotch Bonnet, Brown  {Judy Hamdan)
Scotch Bonnet, Caribbean Red  {Judy Hamdan)
Scotch Bonnet, Foodarama  (Semillas La Palma)
Scotch Bonnet, Foodarama  (Midwest Chileheads)
Scotch Bonnet, Foodarama Red  (Jungle Rain)
Scotch Bonnet, MOA  (Midwest Chileheads)
Scotch Bonnet, MOA  {Judy Hamdan)
Scotch Bonnet, MOA Red  {Judy Hamdan)
Scotch Bonnet, MOA Yellow  {Judy Hamdan)
Scotch Bonnet, Orange  (TradeWindFruits)
Scotch Bonnet, P. Dreadie  (Cappy)
Scotch Bonnet, TFM  (Semillas La Palma)
Scotch Bonnet, Tobago Red  {Judy Hamdan)
Scotch Bonnet, Tobago Yellow  {Judy Hamdan)
Serrano, Huasteco  (TradeWindFruits)
Serrano, Tampequino  (TradeWindFruits)
Serrano, Tampequino  (Burpee)
Shishito  (Sandia Seed)
Spagna  (Semillas La Palma)
Star of Turkey  {Judy Hamdan)
Tepin, Wild  {Judy Hamdan)
Tequila Sunrise  (Seed Saver's Exchange)
Thai Hot, Kung Pao  (Midwest Chileheads)
Thai, Big Thai Hybrid  (Burpee)
Thai, Hot  (Seed Saver's Exchange)
Thai, Orange  (Seed Saver's Exchange)
Thai, Orange  (Seed Saver's Exchange)
Thai, Orange  (Refining Fire Chiles)
Thai, Red  (TradeWindFruits)
Thai, Super Hot  (Rainbow Seeds)
Tobago Seasoning  {Judy Hamdan)
Tobago Treasure  {Judy Hamdan)
Trinidad Beans, Yellow  {Judy Hamdan)
Trinidad Scorpion,  Butch T, Yellow  (Buckeye Pepper Co)
Trinidad Scorpion, Butch-T  (Butch Taylor)
Trinidad Scorpion, CARDI  {Judy Hamdan)
Trinidad Scorpion, Chocolate  (Jungle Rain)
Trinidad Scorpion, Chocolate  (Buckeye Pepper Co)
Trinidad Scorpion, Douglah  {Judy Hamdan)
Trinidad Scorpion, Douglah  {Judy Hamdan)
Trinidad Scorpion, Douglah, Red  {Judy Hamdan)
Trinidad Scorpion, Kraken  ((Ford's Fiery Foods))
Trinidad Scorpion, Long Tail  (Jungle Rain)
Trinidad Scorpion, Moruga Caramel  {Judy Hamdan)
Trinidad Scorpion, Moruga Chocolate  (Jungle Rain)
Trinidad Scorpion, Moruga Red  {Judy Hamdan)
Trinidad Scorpion, Moruga Red  (Semillas La Palma)
Trinidad Scorpion, Moruga Red  (Jungle Rain)
Trinidad Scorpion, Moruga Red  {Judy Hamdan)
Trinidad Scorpion, Moruga Red   {Judy Hamdan)
Trinidad Scorpion, Moruga Yellow  {Judy Hamdan)
Trinidad Scorpion, Moruga, Chocolate  {Judy Hamdan)
Trinidad Scorpion, Orange  {Judy Hamdan)
Trinidad Scorpion, Peach  (Aji Joe)
Trinidad Scorpion, Sunrise  (Jungle Rain)
Trinidad Scorpion, Yellow  (Semillas La Palma)
Trinidad Scorpion, Yellow  {Judy Hamdan)
Trinidad Scorpion, Yellow    {Judy Hamdan)
Trinidad Smooth  {Judy Hamdan)
Trinidad Viper (Naga Viper)  {Judy Hamdan)
Triple Chile  (Jungle Rain)
Wasp, Peach  {Judy Hamdan)
Aji Blanco Christal CGN 21470  Kevin S. (Non-Isolated)
Aji Chuncho CGN 22792  Kevin S. (Non-Isolated)
Avenir  Kevin S. (Non-Isolated)
Black Prince  Kevin S. (Non-Isolated)
Blackbird's Eye CGN 21474  Kevin S. (Non-Isolated)
Bonda Ma Jaques  Kevin S. (Non-Isolated)
Cappucino SB  Kevin S. (Non-Isolated)
Cascabella  Kevin S. (Non-Isolated)
CGN 17020  Kevin S. (Non-Isolated)
CGN 22839  Kevin S. (Non-Isolated)
Champion  Kevin S. (Non-Isolated)
Chili Blanco CGN 17221  Kevin S. (Non-Isolated)
Christmas Baby CGN 17000  Kevin S. (Non-Isolated)
Chupetinho  Kevin S. (Non-Isolated)
Cluster Rod CGN 19202  Kevin S. (Non-Isolated)
Coral Reef CGN 20813  Kevin S. (Non-Isolated)
Cumari Pollux  Kevin S. (Non-Isolated)
Donne Sali  Kevin S. (Non-Isolated)
Florida Wild  Kevin S. (Non-Isolated)
Gold Bullet  Kevin S. (Non-Isolated)
GRIF 9265  Kevin S. (Non-Isolated)
Indian PC-1  Kevin S. (Non-Isolated)
Lemon Drop CGN 19211  Kevin S. (Non-Isolated)
Lemon Drop Selection CGN 17036  Kevin S. (Non-Isolated)
Limo Blanco CGN 19193  Kevin S. (Non-Isolated)
Lombok CGN 22817  Kevin S. (Non-Isolated)
Madballz Brown  Kevin S. (Non-Isolated)
Madballz Burgundy  Kevin S. (Non-Isolated)
Madballz Red   Kevin S. (Non-Isolated)
Malagueta CGN 23211  Kevin S. (Non-Isolated)
Maui Purple  Kevin S. (Non-Isolated)
Ndungu CGN 21554  Kevin S. (Non-Isolated)
Not Black Naga ,Mean Red Cross Turned Yellow  Kevin S. (Non-Isolated)
Not Black Naga,Mean Red Cross  Kevin S. (Non-Isolated)
NUMEX Sunrise  Kevin S. (Non-Isolated)
Peruvian Serlano  Kevin S. (Non-Isolated)
PI 224444  Kevin S. (Non-Isolated)
PI 257137  Kevin S. (Non-Isolated)
PI 260491  Kevin S. (Non-Isolated)
PI 273429  Kevin S. (Non-Isolated)
PI 281417  Kevin S. (Non-Isolated)
PI 435916  Kevin S. (Non-Isolated)
PI 439528  Kevin S. (Non-Isolated)
PI 441637  Kevin S. (Non-Isolated)
PI 446902  Kevin S. (Non-Isolated)
PI 596059  Kevin S. (Non-Isolated)
PI 653748  Kevin S. (Non-Isolated)
Pimenta De Neyde  Kevin S. (Non-Isolated)
Pimienta Trapadiera De Werner  Kevin S. (Non-Isolated)
Poinsettia  Kevin S. (Non-Isolated)
Queen Laurie  Kevin S. (Non-Isolated)
Santaka  Kevin S. (Non-Isolated)
Scarlett Lantern CGN 23233  Kevin S. (Non-Isolated)
Small Bell Chilly CGN 23766  Kevin S. (Non-Isolated)
Surinam 8 CGN 24331  Kevin S. (Non-Isolated)
Tabasco  Kevin S. (Non-Isolated)
Vietnamese Tear Jerker  Kevin S. (Non-Isolated)
White Bullet  Kevin S. (Non-Isolated)
Yellow Bouquet CGN 22181  Kevin S. (Non-Isolated)
7 Pot Barrackpore Chocolate  Jamie H.  (Non-Isolated)
7 Pot Evergreen   Jamie H.  (Non-Isolated)
7 Pot Peach  Jamie H.  (Non-Isolated)
Aleppo  Jamie H.  (Non-Isolated)
BBG7 x PDN  Jamie H.  (Non-Isolated)
BBG7 x reaper  Jamie H.  (Non-Isolated)
Bhutlah Red SLP  Jamie H.  (Non-Isolated)
Big Black Mamma   Jamie H.  (Non-Isolated)
Black Tepin  Jamie H.  (Non-Isolated)
Brown Egg   Jamie H.  (Non-Isolated)
Caramel Brainstrain F1  Jamie H.  (Non-Isolated)
Chocolate Borg9  Jamie H.  (Non-Isolated)
Chocolate NagaBrain  Jamie H.  (Non-Isolated)
Devil's Brain   Jamie H.  (Non-Isolated)
E.O.B Elysium Oxide Bonnet  Jamie H.  (Non-Isolated)
Farmers Market Jalapeno  Jamie H.  (Non-Isolated)
Galapagoense X unknown Annuum   Jamie H.  (Non-Isolated)
Gator Jigsaw  Jamie H.  (Non-Isolated)
Maldivian Heart X Purple Bhut F4   Jamie H.  (Non-Isolated)
Mustard Bhut Jolakia   Jamie H.  (Non-Isolated)
Mustard Moruga  Jamie H.  (Non-Isolated)
Peach Fatali  Jamie H.  (Non-Isolated)
Pimenta Lisa   Jamie H.  (Non-Isolated)
Pink Tiger   Jamie H.  (Non-Isolated)
Red Bhutlah   Jamie H.  (Non-Isolated)
Red NagaBrain  Jamie H.  (Non-Isolated)
Rocoto X  Jamie H.  (Non-Isolated)
SBJ7  Jamie H.  (Non-Isolated)
Scotch Bonnet X Brain   Jamie H.  (Non-Isolated)
TS Moruga Satan   Jamie H.  (Non-Isolated)
TSMB X Jonah   Jamie H.  (Non-Isolated)
Yellow Jalapeno  Jamie H.  (Non-Isolated)
Yellow NagaBrain  Jamie H.  (Non-Isolated)
Yellow SBJ7  Jamie H.  (Non-Isolated)
Yellow Tepin   Jamie H.  (Non-Isolated)
C.lanceolatum  (John L.)
C.tovarii  (John L.)
C.galapagoense  (John L.)
C.rhomboideum  (John L.)
C.flexuosum  (John L.)
C.praetermissum  (John L.)
Cumari Flibu  (John L.)
Cumari Verdadeira  (John L.)
Cumari Pollux  (John L.)
CAP 1478  (John L.)
Unknown Wild Collected (pale flower)  (John L.)
Blue Mystery  (John L.)
Heavy praetermissum PI 441654  (John L.)
C.eximium  (John L.)
CGN 19198  (John L.)
CGN 24332  (John L.)
White Flowered eximium  (John L.)
CAP 1530  (John L.)
CGN 21502  (John L.)
C.chacoense  (John L.)
Exile  (John L.)
Chile Congo  (John L.)
CAP 1446  (John L.)
Rocopica C.cardenasii x C.pubescens  (John L.)
Rocopica C.eximium x C.pubescens  (John L.)
Rocopica Large  (John L.)
C.annuum  (John L.)
Cappuccino Tepin  (John L.)
Bird Dung  (John L.)
Purple Pequin  (John L.)
C.chinense  (John L.)
Cumari du Para  (John L.)
CAP 691  (John L.)
Mata Frade  (John L.)
Above all . . . please remember the purpose of this fundraiser.  Have fun, bid high, bid often, and good luck!
hogleg said:
:dance:  :dance: Nice choice Buddy  :dance:  :dance:
                        35 Years
I was in college at the time . . . several of my Fiji brothers (Ropes, Hillbilly, Vegas, Mugsy, Lips, and Bullfrog) and I declared an official 3 day mourning period  . . . didn't get a lot done during that time.  The world lost a good friend that day.
Sweet!  Now, we're talking...500
BTW, if anyone wants to go in with me on this bid, PM me.  I wouldn't know what to do with all them seeds (if I win).  Hubby gave me the look "You've gone over the edge, woman!" :rolleyes:  when I told him there will be an auction (from buddy's first post) of over 350 varieties and I want to bid. :drunk: I told him about the cause and he asked "Is he the one you've already sent money to who has leukemia?"  I told him "Yup".  He has since come around.  Though he still think I'm crazy and wonder what I'll ever do with all them seeds.  He's right and I would need help using them, considering I have about 100 varieties of seeds I haven't sown yet.