Seeds giveaway

Good luck is all I have to say about this one, that and if you get/got a metered stamp with a label over the ship to it was probably mine :P
I'm putting together last batch of seeds. Sorry guys that took me this long to do that. I've been very busy with house remodeling project, work, family and harvesting that just couldn't find enough time to do.
AZ Mason, Sirhc76, Hot Stuff, SmokenFire ,your SASBEs are going out tomorrow. 
I'm still trying to figure out who is Ryan Atkinson from WA. I have your SASBE with out THP user name that I could compare it with names on my seeds giveaway list. Please send me PM so I could have your seeds ready to go. 
Adding more info:
MPicante and Morouga Welder yours seeds will go out tomorrow as well. As of tonight this giveaway is CLOSED