Seeds giveaway

Hi everybody
I have several seeds, limited numbers, to give away.
Goats weed
Condor beak
Jey's red
7 Burgundy
Black Ops 005
Minorran datil
Yellow Infinity
7 Chocolate BS Hixs ------------------------------->OUT
Hixs Chocolate Morouga
Black Naga  ----------------------------------------> OUT 
Sri Lanka White
7 Chocolate Lava ---------------------------------> OUT
7 Chocolate Renee--------------------------------> OUT
US only with SASBE. PM me for address.
Changed list of available seeds. 
Quick update; seeds for Chocolate Mouruga Hixs have been spoken for. Please keep in mind, to get these seeds I need SASBA with list of seeds that you guys need tucket inside of anvelope.
Hi Jack,
Lomg time my friend
I am in in...please.  Thanks,  We have a thread going just send me the info on our pm's.
Black ops 005
Lava & Rennie Brown
Those 3 are all I am interested in....the brown moruga would have been nice and whatever ones you might think about.
Hope you got yout projects done....Mike
PM sent. Feel free to send less, or more, if you like/want, run out, seeds fall from the sky like post-it notes pads.
Here is an updated list of seeds that are available or they are all out:
Seed type                      Quantity left
Goat Weeds                      9 bags
Black Naga                        0 bags
Chocolate BS Hixs            2 bags
7 Burgundy                       0 bags
Douglah                            3 bags
Chocolate Lava                2 bags
White SriLanka                17 bags
Chocolate Mouruga Hixs  13 bags
BOG 005                        36 bags
Chocolate Rene               0 bags
I didn't get a chance to bag rest of the seeds, but there is enough to send around. I would bag them tonight.
Also, I decided to send only 5 seeds per bag of BOG 005, Hixs Chocolate Mouruga and Chocolate BS Hixs to have more new heat to spread around. Other bags have more than 5 seeds per bag.
In order for anyone to get these seeds I need you to send me SASBE with list of the seeds you are requesting. HabaneroHead, mememe, please PM me with your new addresses, Europe deserve to get some new heat as well.
Thanks for your reply ! very grateful ! i see you have 7 burgundy and 7 chocolate renee . if i can get some of those too that would be great ! this was my first year growing , my good ol' long distance friend helped me get started . i did so so .  if you would send me your address i will get the sabse out right away . this will be my first sabse ever sent , i'm still fairly new at this but will get it from the link . i really appreciate your kindness ! thank you very much !  frank ( moruga welder ) 
Seeds giveaway update:
I'm all out of Chocolate Rene, Chocolate Lava and Black Naga. I have some more 7 Pot Burgundy that I though I was all out. Everything else is still available.