vendor Semillas La Palma

Kind of surprised nobody started a thread for these guys yet. Every time I browse there I feel like a kid in a candy shop... reasonable prices (even after the Euro conversion) and an awesome selection- they advertise over 650 varieties. I bought from them both last year and this year and had good germ rates on my seeds, and last year's grew true.

Only awkwardness is they're based in Spain... they have an English language page but not all of the descriptions are translated. Still, if you know what you're looking for it's not an issue. International orders are made easy through PayPal. My orders arrived within a couple weeks.
I always buy my seed from Peter and always has a really good germination rates.

Really good vendor and better price and even better is in Spain jeje really recommended
I got seeds from him earlier this year it was a kinda big order but its the only place nowadays were you can get 20 packs of seeds for $45 and and get true seeds and great germination rates :) I was definatly a kid in the candy store wanting more and more varieties i had trouble picking 100 let alone 20 lol :)
Regarding the original topic, I bought Aji Russian Yellow seeds from I sprouted one. Follow my grog for progress:
Found this thread here today after having a look at the Morouga postings and opened an account.

Thanks for the positive feedback.

I´m sorry that still about 70% of the english variety descriptions are something one really cannot read.

I hope to complete the computer work before the next crops, but I´m not sure.

its ok about the discriptions i ordered from the spanish version anyway lol what i did notice was somethings were on sale on the spanish and some were not on the english im definatly ordering from you again i got nearly 100 % germination with you and the only plants missing were ones i forgot to water lol my only wish is to have enough money to buy one of everything from your store its a very nice selection better then anywhere else you have something for everyone and thats what i enjoy to see from a company i hate seeing only super hot because they are the big thing i like having a variety i enjoy all peppers for there unique flavors colors and culinary uses :) thats why my collection is 400 varieties and growing :) its nice to see a company like you that offers the overall variety instead of just superhots or just the common things :)
Seen this topic after i placed my order, mine arrived quicker than i had expected.
It took me a while to order because my pc kept wanting me to Translate to english and man i never knew there was so many peppers unreal the selection he has... Peter thanks for the free pack of Green Habanero's you must be a mind reader...couple days ago i was making sauce and cut/ate a T.S Green and tasted good but no real heat, then next day my package arrived with the free pack of Green Habanero's so i give them a shot.