Send your good Juju! Community member in need

The Hot Pepper

Chile Juju (Christi) and Scoville DeVille (Jim) need our help!
For 72 hours I will donate all membership proceeds to this gofundme:
Ways to help:
  • Donate directly at the gofundme, any amount will help.
  • Purchase your membership as normal (new or renewal) and 100% will be donated to the gofundme (this is not about thp, all funds given and using the platform I have available to help).
  • Send your prayers and good Juju!
You guys are makin it rain!
Shorerider said:
I'd like to offer a USD$30 gift code for an equal or higher donation to Juju's Gofundme campaign. (Proof will be required)
Bid here first, highest bidder wins. Bidding closes in 24hrs from now.
Whomever wants to bid on this I will send 4 hot sauces to the winner. Bid away!
Thanks, HM01, but I didn't actually set it up, someone else did.  I just posted the link.  Don't want to get credit where not due.  :D
'UGE THANK YOU, Pookie for this freaking awesome campaign.  I even :BOLD:ed that in honor of Scovie.  :lol:  And to the wonderful members who have jumped in to help.  Some with the membership, some with direct donations. 
Much Love and blessings to everyone.
Thank you friends, for your love and support. This whole situation is overwhelming but to see you all reaching out and sharing your kindness is beyond touching. I wish there were bigger words than "Thank You".

CJ has an Angiogram scheduled for 1:30 this afternoon and if all goes well, she might come home this weekend. If it turns out she isn't quite ready, they will keep her another week. We are good with either scenario because given where we live, (3 hours away), I don't want her to leave until she is well out of danger, and obviously, neither do the doctors. She is strong and determined so I know she can handle whatever may come. We have been able to walk the halls of the ICU for the last few days, dragging two machines in tow. Yesterday, on our "road trip" we were able to go outside to the courtyard and sit in the sun for awhile. It was so good for her!

Thank you for the prayers, good juju and fire dances, it means more than you know.

A special thanks to you Ann for stepping in and keeping up with the updates. I am reading but can't always focus enough to type anything that makes sense.

Love you all and again, thanks for your support. ❤️