Send your good Juju! Community member in need

I am so exhausted but I wanted to say she is doing really well. They adjusted her meds and her BP has been around 152/85 most of today. Below 160 anyway, and that's what they want to see. I am thinking I can take her home tomorrow. Like Ann mentioned, I was able to take her across the street to the 'Park Inn' for pizza. We walked alot today and that is helping her mind and stiffness from laying on her back for 9 days.

We are both ready to be home but I am mostly grateful she is still alive and well. That was close but we were granted a miracle.

Thanks again for your friendship and encouragement. It sure helped knowing you all were thinking about us. ❤️
I get to take her home today!!!
We have tons of aftercare , checkups and very likely another surgery within the year. She has another small aneurism in the front of her brain but at this point its more dangerous than its worth. She will have a CAT scan in 4 weeks and 6 months to see how it is/if progressing. She is doing very well and excited as hell to be going home! She very likely would have cut a bitch if she was told to stay another day. LOL

I am so thankful for all of your love and support, it was very comforting to read THP in the dark moments. But the sun is shining now and we are soon to be on our road to recovery.

Will be back soon friends (family)!!! ❤
This is how much we raised:
Scovie and CJ, let me know if you want this sent to the gofundme, or directly to you via paypal, or bank (zelle). Figure, save some fees and get it faster. Just let me know!

EDIT: Also happy to send some sauce and a money order. :lol:
How could I refuse Option C? lol!
I dont have Paypal and dont know how any of it works with bank transfer KNooDling but if thats easiest, I can follow directions.

Your generosity and spririt has been truly amazing! Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!

❤ :BOLD:

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Sorry I haven't been around much, it's shaping up to be the shittiest year on record. CJ is doing well physically but a month ago her dad had a stroke, on top of his terminal Pancreatic cancer. 2 weeks ago his wife (my MIL) died, at home in hospice care from dementia. 
I have been having anxiety headaches etc pretty much non stop. We have been traveling a lot back and forth to Whidbey Island as much as possible to be with her Dad. He is now under Hospice care at home (for now).
We did have a 6 week checkup for Christ's Aneurism and the one that burst and got coiled is doing fine, she has a second aneurism above her eye that would most likely involve drills to get to. It's only about 5mm and not in a dangerous place (for lack of a better term). At this point it would be an elective surgery, so we decided to just watch it, every 6 months we'll have a CAT Scan. 
Sorry to sound like a shit party but that's how life is, up then down.
We are down but not out.
Love you all.
Good to hear Christy is doing pretty well, considering what she's been thru. Send her my love and give her a hug from me.
Hang in there bro, I think about ya all the time and I'm pulling for you and the whole Deville family.
The last couple years have been pretty tuff on us June 3rd brothers but we will prevail and flourish again.
Much love
:cheers:  :high:
Dang, sucky times right now. So sorry to hear about the folks. Keeping you guys in our thoughts.