Send your good Juju! Community member in need

Hello THP family ! Real quick...
UPDATE: Christi had a fairly bad night due to too much stagnation. Her back is killing her so she hasnt been able to sleep and so on and so on. Just talked with the doc and he told us that there is no Vasospasming (vein spasms) so that is A-ok! She does have a secondary Aneurysm which may or may not need to be addressed in the next year. At this point the risk of surgery outweighs the benefit of it so, and I quote, keep it in mind. LOL badumpbump.
The GOOD NEWS is she gets to go upstairs as soon as her room is ready! This means a shower and all the walking she wants, No more tethers! She will have a battery operated monitor to put in her pocket. Yaaaayyyy!

ALSO.... The doc says probably tomorrow she gets to come home!!!
Thank you friends! I thank you all so much! ❌⭕❌⭕
I am not sure what I am doing wrong.. I keep getting an oops msg about already purchased when I try to renew.      Any ideas what is up??  
edit : I went into my account and there is something about a pending invoice from last year.    
As of about noon today/Sunday christi 's bp was still a little high. Docs are keeping her another day. It is day by day to determine when she can go home. She is out of icu and able to take walks out of the hospital.