heat Seven Pod is the "World's Hottest" and it was developed by Amerindians.

ajdrew said:
Marin, eleven foot?  Seriously?  Have been working on a pit house, partly underground green house hoping to grow year round.  I think I have to rethink my roof.

Hotstuff, ah wait... I think i follow your thinking.  The Brits brought the dna to India but the specific pepper that we now call the Ghost pepper was not grown by the Brits?  Instead, it found its own little niche?  Yes?  Still doesnt explain its position in mythology but oral history is easily told differently from one generation to the next.
Yes. Well mythology has it's own way of working itself out. Sometimes on thing is transferred to another. The animals in Uncle Remus are one thing but the same stories told in Africa have different animals and that was a much shorter period in time.
Sorry for the late reply, as i was occupied in other works.
You don't have to worry about your chilli plants to grow that high, atmost your chilli plant will reach approximate of 80-100cm in height, if at all you don't nip the tips.
Yes. Naga chilli plants do grow to the height of 11 feet high in Nagaland (its been documented).
Let me elaborate more on traditional cultivation practises in Nagaland: -
Village farmer’s practises jhumming (shifting farming) (90% of land in Nagaland are hilly) where the forest is slashed and burned and the chillies are propagated in the jhum fields prior to onset of monsoon season and are planted on the slopes along with other crops (Randomly) and mostly around tree fell areas. No fertilizers, pesticides are applied; rest nature takes its own role. Only weeding like once or twice during the growing season.  In Jhum field, most of the chilli plants will be minimum of 2 meters in height, if tip nipping are not done during the transplant, and yield like 2-3 kgs (2-3 times of picking)/Plant. (Total plants per hectare=500-600plants). Since Naga chilli is perrinial crop, it can surive to 4 years, but the village farmers usually really dont like the next season harvest, as the hotness, fruit size and flavour decreases.  Since it is a open field farming, the Date of sowing and Tranplanting is very important, if too early- transplanting shock-cutter worms- fruit rot, and if too late- die back, small fruits and less in yield so on. Many reports from farmers during my time back home, regarding their chilli plants growing tall like 11 meters and even above. So, it’s not NEW in Nagaland to see Naga chilli plant growing in hilly farms of such heights in Newspapers and so on. Those chillies grown in flat lands using modern agricultural techinques, the plants does'nt grow tall as well low in yield. People dont  prefer to eat such small pods with less flavour.