Shorerider's heavy haulage.


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So here we are at the start of winter in Australia, and my plants are not looking great. I've had one frost so far, and more than likely a few yet to come.
I've delayed harvesting the bulk of my pods because I wanted to let those that are still green to hopefully ripen, and the plain fact that there were so many to harvest.
Anyway here is the result of roughly 4.5 hours, spread over three days, worth of picking.





Clockwise from top left: Aji Margariteno, Malih-Hellow, Aji Pineapple,Brazilian Starfish,Orange Habanero, Serano, Hot Chocolate Jamaican Habanero, P.L Reaper (not), Rainforest, Aconcagua, Albanian Red Hot, Jimmy Nardello, White Devils tongue, Jalapeño, Tabasco and Yellow 7 Pot  (so ripe they turned orange).
Some will be turned into powders, others will be made into sauces. All made possible by the good people of THP.  :P
Good thing is, it's only a month before I start my new plants for next season, and there are still more pods left on my plants that need picking..... :party:
queequeg152 said:
do you guys get fosters beer in austrailia?

i was told this beer was an american invention.
You win for quickest derailment of a topic in THP history!  :rofl: 
Great, now the Boss is gonna be posting pictures of cross dressing men in here.  :P
Actually, I can't say I've ever seen it for sale in Aus, then again, we export all the stuff we wouldn't drink ourselves.  :P
Needle99 said:
Nice haul SR.
Hope to have plants 1/2 as productive as you next season....
Thanks Needle, I'm sure you'll do well next season. 
Great haul for this time of year!
The cold weather took so long to arrive this year, I'm amazed that I'm still picking ripe pods from my plants too, but nowhere near that many.
queequeg152 said:
do you guys get fosters beer in austrailia?

i was told this beer was an american invention.
Fosters.... Australian for horse piss.  At least that is what the locals said when I went there.  I was told it is export only.  Drank a lot of Crown Lager and VBs though.
Good post! SR. Growing 1/2 of what you have pictured --- here in California June is the real start. I've got these going:

Aji Margariteno, Malih-Hellow,Brazilian Starfish, Hot Chocolate Jamaican Habanero, Albanian Red Hot, Jalapeño, and Tabasco. Also (yellow) devils tongue.

How are the Aji Marg and Malih-Helow? Looking forward to them.

Also, Albanian Red Hot not a big producer? Last year I only got a few.