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SineNomine 2021

Hi all!

Although I'm pretty old around here, this will be the first Glog.

I have been growing peppers on the balcony since 2014. Last year I switched everything to hydroponics and I am very happy with it.

Here is the growing list:

Hanging pots:
- Fatalii 6
- Fatalii Red 2
- Yellow Devil's Tongue 1
- Papa Joe's SB 3
- Scotch Bonnet MOA 3
- Black River SB 1

Floor pots:
- Pimiento de la Puta la Madre 3
- Lemon Drop 2
- Chile Rayado 4
- Jalapeño M 4
- NuMex Vaquero 4
- Yellow Devil's Tongue 1
- Tepin x Lemon Drop 3
- "Aji Cito" (Panama) 1



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Kramer said:
Sounds like you've thought it out by putting the annuum out first and then following up with the chinense.  That's what I'm planning to do, but I'm a bit envious if I'm being honest, as for me I've still got many weeks still until I start moving things out to harden off before finally planting outside.  The rural wisdom around my parts is to wait until memorial day (US holiday) to plant things for good, which is May 31 this year.  The anticipation is killing me! xD
Here it is a little below the 45th parallel..
Pittsburgh is just over the 40th parallel.
I would have expected the planting period outside for you to be earlier than for me. 
True.  And day time temps will support it, but we can also get overnight frosts through early to mid May.  Just depends on the year.  Looks like we'll hit lows in the mid 20's F again next week.  What can I say...old man winter takes his sweet time with us lol.
Hey CD. I don’t have a plan for the plants hardening. There were other years when I planted out them without hardening them and they went well. 
My garden is in a covered balcony, the plants are protected from rain and very strong sunlight.
I rely on covering them with microporous foil on colder nights.
I will not plant in soil. I will plant in perlite in the dutch bucket system. The nutrient solution will be the same but I will increase the concentration.
That will sure make it easier.  Hardening off around here with our inconsistent weather can sometimes be a real pain.
I've wondered about the transition from hyrdo to other media and I'd guess that transitioning into a dutch bucket system would be much less likely to stall the development of the plants than would transitioning to a denser soil-type medium.  I've had very little experience with it myself, but with a mix of smooth transitions and some stalling over a few cases of Kratky to soil.
Looking forward to seeing you get those guys outside to where they'll have lots of room to grow. 
SineNomine said:
Here it is a little below the 45th parallel..
Pittsburgh is just over the 40th parallel.
I would have expected the planting period outside for you to be earlier than for me. 
We are just above the 45th parallel here. We
are about 70 miles (100 Km) from the Pacific
Ocean, so we get some maritime influence,
and weather coming down from the Gulf of
Alaska, supporting CD's comment about the
variability of our Spring weather.  
We should be planting out about the same time, SN!
You are right, Vivian. However, latitude is a pretty
good general indicator of grow season length. I
find it interesting that our lattitudes are so similar,
Those are pretty cool temperatures.
I suspect the Rayados dropped the lower leaves, like you said, from crowding and lack of light. Hopefully they will recover well when potted individually.
Here in Oklahoma I'm about to start my pepper seeds, and there you are, with flowers and small peppers!
And it will continue with cold nights. :(
I think the light is enough, the other seedlings have no problems. Crowding can be the problem.
They are powerful plants. There are very good chances to recover after planting.
Good luck with the new seedlings, George!
SineNomine said:
The forecast shows freezing night temperatures from Thursday to Saturday. I will have to move them from the outside to the inside every evening.
I feel your pain, Vivian! Pretty much the drill
in our neighborhood until at least the first
weeks of May. Our 10% frost date is May
19th, so usually plant-out happens after that.
We are having 0˚C-3˚C temps every other
night right now.
Good luck getting those mini jungles out into
the Summer weather when it gets here!