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SineNomine 2024

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This picture is of the seeds soaked yesterday. Today I sowed the seeds of C. Chinense and C. Pubescens.
C. Chinense will all sit in the hanging pots in my balcony garden.
In 2 weeks I will sow C. Annuum. I do not have the final list of these yet because I have many seeds from which it is very difficult for me to choose. I will edit this message as I decide.

Hanging pots:
- Fatalii - V2 2022/2023 - 3 plants
- Orange Fatalii - The Hippy Seed Co (thanks MarcV) - 2 plants
- CGN 21500 - Sulsa - 1 plant
- Adjuma - thanks @Sulsa - 1 plant
- Humble Servants Homestead SB - V1 2023 (original seeds from MarcV) - 2 plants
- PI 215734 - Semillas - 4 plants (last year's revelation, I want more this year)
- Habanada - Semillas - 3 plants (the most aromatic C. Chinense without heat)

In the pot at the bottom of the balcony I will test a plant of C. Pubescens, Tatiana F6 Yellow from seeds from @CaneDog. Thank you again.
In fact, CaneDog is "guilty" 🙂 for the fact that I still haven't decided what I will grow in the lower part of the balcony. He sent me so many seeds of such tempting varieties that the choice is very difficult.

Welcome to the journey of my balcony garden! :welcome:

Edited March 18:

I have decided what is the growing list for the pots at the bottom of the balcony.
- Tatiana F6 - 1 plant (seeds from CaneDog 2021)
- Punjab Small Hot CP-260 - 1 plant (seeds from CaneDog 2022)
- Spezzano's Thai - 3 plants (V1 2023 / CaneDog)
- Mulato Isleno - 2 plants (seeds from CaneDog 2021)
- Canoncito - 2 plants (seeds from CaneDog 2022)
- Antep Aci Dolma - 2 plants (seeds from CaneDog 2022)
- Jalapeno Zapotec #1 - 1 plant (seeds from CaneDog 2022)
- Zapotec Jalapeno - 1 plant (seeds from CaneDog 2022) Maybe CaneDog can tell us what the differences are between them.
- Chile Rayado - 2 plants (seeds from CaneDog 2021)
- Ring of Fire Cayenne - 1 plant (seeds from CaneDog 2022)
- Orange Thai SSE - 1 plant (seeds from CaneDog 2022)
- Lesya Sweet Pepper - 2 plants (seeds from CaneDog 2022)
- Chilaca/Pasilla Mixe - 2 plants (seeds from CaneDog 2022)
Thank you so much @CaneDog !

I will have a few more small pots of Korean Hot from seeds from @Deadpouk , European seed train 2023. According to the type of envelope, they seem to come from Refining Fire Chiles.
These are very compact plants and the peppers have an excellent aroma.
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In what mixture do you soak your seeds? I've already tried soaking in a hydrogen peroxide solution or in a root grow fertilizer solution. This year I was going to try again with the hydrogen peroxide solution, but the only bottle I have is a 30% concentrated solution so I was afraid of doing more harm than good and didn't soak.
In what mixture do you soak your seeds? I've already tried soaking in a hydrogen peroxide solution or in a root grow fertilizer solution. This year I was going to try again with the hydrogen peroxide solution, but the only bottle I have is a 30% concentrated solution so I was afraid of doing more harm than good and didn't soak.
I soaked the seeds first in saltpeter solution (2g/100 ml distilled water) for 6 hours and then in 0.3% oxygenated water solution (1ml H2O2 30% / 99 ml distilled water) for 18 hours.
As you can see, I used a concentration of 30% H2O2. It does not matter what the initial concentration is if the solution is brought to a final concentration of 0.3%.

I have just finished sowing the turn of C. Annuum.

From the turn of C. Chinense sown two weeks ago, I have a rather low germination percentage, 32.26%.

Fatalii V2 2023 (picked green)81080%
Orange Fatalii090%
CGN 21500060%
Humble Servants Homestead SB31225%
PI 2157340110%
Tatiana F6 Yellow060%

The fastest germination was at Habanada 8 sprouts in 8 days and at Fatalii cules verde 8 sprouts in 10 days.
Unfortunately, I don't have any Orange Fatalii or PI 215734, plants that I really want.
I hope, however, to see some hooks in the next few days.

20240324_105310.jpg 20240324_105330.jpg
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Today I transplanted the first seedlings. The oldest have 9 days, the youngest have 3 days.

I was in a bit of a hurry because tomorrow I am hospitalized for surgery and I don't know what will happen next.

Still no hook of PI 215734, Orange Fatalii and CGN 21500 16 days after sowing. 😠
Good luck with your surgery mate, wish you a speedy recovery 🤞
the seeds I planted germinated and they're doing well, although it's blooming cold in the greenhouse for the babies this a.m. 🥶
@SineNomine Best of luck with your surgery today. Hope all goes well and you recover quickly! The balcony is calling your name!
A long time since the last update.
My right arm is still immobilized and it will be like that for at least another 2 weeks. Difficult to transplant seedlings with one hand, but I managed with a little help from Mrs. SineNomine.

Tray C. Chinense

PI 215734 from the first round did not germinate any of the 11 seeds. Lucky for me, I had 2 more seeds from 2022 that both germinated, so now I have 2 beautiful seedlings.
Orange Fatalii, I have only one seedling from 9 seeds. I really want to taste this variety so fingers crossed to see it through to maturity.
CGN 21500, no seedling from 6 seeds.
Adjuma, I will grow 2 plants.
Humble Servants Homestead SB germinated very well, I will grow 2 or 3 plants, I haven't decided yet.
Habanada germinated the fastest and had a germination rate of almost 75%. I will grow 4 plants.
Fatalii I will grow 3 or 4 plants.

Tray C. Annuum

I had a good germination, I will grow everything I proposed with the exception of Tatiana F6 from which I have no seedlings.

At the backup tray, I made a wick system for an easier transplanting of the seedlings.

Here the temperatures were much higher than normal, but a cooling period will come from Thursday.
Probably on May 4-5 I will have all the plants outside.
I will see.
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plants are looking great Vivi, must be so frustrating for you, recover quickly 🤗
Not wishing to brag (well not much) but all my seeds for CGN21500 came up
(I knew that would make you feel so much better) :lol:
Hey Sine. Great to hear you're on the road to recovery and that you're getting assistance along the way. Those pepper starts are looking good. In another 3 weeks I expect they'll be ready and raring to get out on the balcony.

Don't know what to say about those "rayado." I thought the seeds I sent you were the same isolated ones that I've been growing from and all mine have been true to type. Your seedlings look like Mattapenos. I've grown Mattapenos before, but it's been a couple seasons since I did. It seems like the chance of hybridization or seed mix-up would be remote, but...
I don't remember if I had another bag of seeds last year because the Chile Rayado plant I grew last year looks just right. Unfortunately, I did not save seeds.
No plant this year labeled Chile Rayado is hairy like the one grown last year.
But that doesn't matter much now. I will grow what I have and maybe I will even have a pleasant surprise. 🙂
The sad thing is that no Tatiana F6 seed germinated. Now it is already very late, but next year I will try harder to grow some C. Pubescens.

Update with pictures from yesterday.
Tray with majority C. Chinense.

Canoncito already has flower buds.

Tray with C. Annuum.

Backup tray.
In the middle is the Aji Charapita Iquitos from Growdown Throwdown 2024 whose first real leaves are starting to appear.