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SineNomine 2024

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This picture is of the seeds soaked yesterday. Today I sowed the seeds of C. Chinense and C. Pubescens.
C. Chinense will all sit in the hanging pots in my balcony garden.
In 2 weeks I will sow C. Annuum. I do not have the final list of these yet because I have many seeds from which it is very difficult for me to choose. I will edit this message as I decide.

Hanging pots:
- Fatalii - V2 2022/2023 - 3 plants
- Orange Fatalii - The Hippy Seed Co (thanks MarcV) - 2 plants
- CGN 21500 - Sulsa - 1 plant
- Adjuma - thanks @Sulsa - 1 plant
- Humble Servants Homestead SB - V1 2023 (original seeds from MarcV) - 2 plants
- PI 215734 - Semillas - 4 plants (last year's revelation, I want more this year)
- Habanada - Semillas - 3 plants (the most aromatic C. Chinense without heat)

In the pot at the bottom of the balcony I will test a plant of C. Pubescens, Tatiana F6 Yellow from seeds from @CaneDog. Thank you again.
In fact, CaneDog is "guilty" 🙂 for the fact that I still haven't decided what I will grow in the lower part of the balcony. He sent me so many seeds of such tempting varieties that the choice is very difficult.

Welcome to the journey of my balcony garden! :welcome:

Edited March 18:

I have decided what is the growing list for the pots at the bottom of the balcony.
- Tatiana F6 - 1 plant (seeds from CaneDog 2021)
- Punjab Small Hot CP-260 - 1 plant (seeds from CaneDog 2022)
- Spezzano's Thai - 3 plants (V1 2023 / CaneDog)
- Mulato Isleno - 2 plants (seeds from CaneDog 2021)
- Canoncito - 2 plants (seeds from CaneDog 2022)
- Antep Aci Dolma - 2 plants (seeds from CaneDog 2022)
- Jalapeno Zapotec #1 - 1 plant (seeds from CaneDog 2022)
- Zapotec Jalapeno - 1 plant (seeds from CaneDog 2022) Maybe CaneDog can tell us what the differences are between them.
- Chile Rayado - 2 plants (seeds from CaneDog 2021)
- Ring of Fire Cayenne - 1 plant (seeds from CaneDog 2022)
- Orange Thai SSE - 1 plant (seeds from CaneDog 2022)
- Lesya Sweet Pepper - 2 plants (seeds from CaneDog 2022)
- Chilaca/Pasilla Mixe - 2 plants (seeds from CaneDog 2022)
Thank you so much @CaneDog !

I will have a few more small pots of Korean Hot from seeds from @Deadpouk , European seed train 2023. According to the type of envelope, they seem to come from Refining Fire Chiles.
These are very compact plants and the peppers have an excellent aroma.
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Wow! They're getting big fast. Good luck with the weather coming around soon. It won't be long until you need the space!
Big same on the weather, I started late and have still put my plants into pause mode (less light, less feed) until the night temperatures look sensible.
Thank you for your good wish!
Today I want to take the plants outside without transplanting them into the final pots. I will protect them from the sun and low temperatures with a microporous foil.

Pictures from the growing tents.
C. Chinense - 55 days from sowing, C. Annuum - 41 days from sowing.




Small pods and flowers at Canoncito.
Thanks for the appreciation Rick! The plants really look good and it makes me happy to see them like this.

About the operation: Yes, last Wednesday was 6 weeks. I continue the physical therapy sessions 5 times a week. Everyone tells me that the recovery is good, but I still have pain in my shoulder and my mobility is reduced. But I trust what the doctor says. I'm fine! 🙂
You didn't start early and you're already in this stadium! 😲

By the way... growing your Thai basilicum this year... it's extremely aromatic! 😲
Thank you!

Wow! Things seem to be off to a great start.
Yes, this season started very well. 🙂 Most Capsicum Annuum plants have flowers and pods.

great start - mine are sadly still in the greenhouse and it's still raining 😭
The weather should warm up soon. I hope this happens as soon as possible.

You didn't start early and you're already in this stadium! 😲

By the way... growing your Thai basilicum this year... it's extremely aromatic! 😲
Ehh, it's never too late to start. 🙂
I'm glad you like that Thai basil.
This year I will not grow it because I have large amounts of dry leaves. But I will not be without basil, I will grow Bolloso Napoletano.

Lesya Sweet starts producing.
20240529_Lesya Sweet.jpg

All Zapotec Jalapeno plants are a much better producer than last year.
20240529_Zapotec #1.jpg 20240529_Zapotec (2).jpg 20240529_Zapotec (3).jpg 20240529_Zapotec (4).jpg 20240529_Zapotec (5).jpg 20240529_Zapotec.jpg

Spezzano's Thai has started to bloom.
20240529_Spezzano's Thai.jpg

No Chile Rayado are very productive plants. I like to see flowers at the bottom of the stem.
20240529_No Rayado (2).jpg 20240529_No Rayado.jpg