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SKULLBIKERS 2021 Everything BUT Peppers GOLOG


It's here, another year filled with vegetables, fruit, and other stuff!

The tomatoes are up, I planted 3 seeds per cell to be sure I was covered. 36 seeds planted.........34 germinated! Now I have a problem.................I have very rarely culled a seedling in my life, I used to have enough room to cover it, not so much now.........what a dilema.

ACHOCHA! Here too, I planted 12 saved seeds that were 7 or 8 years old. Ten germinated!

One of the pie pumpkin plants.

One of the Waltham Butternut Squash plants.

I took this tray down today from the top shelf where it resides. Near the bottom of the photo a Red Dragonfruit seed has germinated and at the top is a new Passion Fruit seedling and just below and to the right of that is a Passion Fruit loop. I know, you're thinking "no big deal", but these seeds were sown on October 22, 2020. The last one germinated about 3 weeks ago.
A few pics of veggie stuff.
Cabbage in front, left rear are pie pumpkins, center rear are squash/zucchini, right rear are butternut squash.

Here is a closer look at those pie pumpkins, they are in gallon pots, the seeds were planted 12/22/2020.

The Achocha are going to need a permanant home soon.

ahayastani said:
Is there a special reason you start the tomato plantlets inside instead of outside? Just curious...
They grow much faster before plant out under controlled conditions and are stronger/more vigorous. This way they have a fighting chance when they go on the final container. Although we have super weather here, we also have super pests above and below ground. I have found out that even my container plants were susceptible to the below ground nastys.  
Big veggie update. 
The Daikon radishes are about ready to be thinned out.

The new bean crop is crankin' up fast.

The Peas are peakin' out.

Some Red Acre Cabbage started from seed about ready to be planted out.

A few of the watermelon plants started from seed.

The Bonnie Cabbage plants from some time ago are doing really well and are definitely beginning to form heads.


That's it for now, tomato portraits tomorrow!