smokers Smokai


Question for the smoke kings: I want to upgrade my smoking game because my current device really sucks!


I was looking for opinions about the Smokai; any recommendations would be more than appreciated. The plan would be to use it with my old propane bbq (ideally).

Thanks in advance!
Have you tried a pellet tube yet? Should work a lot better than a chip box.
Load it with smoking pellets, light with a torch, and it will stay lit and you can get two hours of smoke or more.

See if this helps:
I agree with Boss about trying the pellet tube thing, and I’d also add that you could probably just buy some flavored wood chunks (NOT chips). Hit a chunk or two of cherry (or apple, hickory, oak, whatever…) with a torch for a minute, then blow it out and let it smolder away in there 🍻