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hot-sauce Sorry Guys Your Favorite Hot Sauce is Bad!!!

Got a bottle of that George Dickel as a Christmas gift last year. I'm a whiskey fan and a hot sauce fan... but have to say in my humble opinion it was "rough." I wanted to like it, felt I "should" like it -all things considered, it was a "gift" after all... but try as I might... "no go." I gave the bottle away and I believe it has changed hands twice since for similar reasons. I would never reveal this to the one who gave it to me of course, but offer my take here for whatever weight you may give it.  Subjective of course. To each his own I reckon.
Was this the whiskey or a hot sauce?  so many are making one these days.  $46 for Old Bay hot sauce?  I am well familiar with George's whiskey blend, used to be my favorite in the '90s.  Not so much now.
An alternative to old JD.  Now I prefer Canadian blends, but maybe I am just getting old and cheap.