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Spare Plant Giveaway Contest

Guess a number between 1 and 1000 and post that in a comment.  I have generated a number with a random generator on my phone and taken a screenshot already.
USA Only - I cannot ship these internationally.
Only one guess per person. In case of a tie, if 2 are the amount off above and below the number, will have tie breaker between those 2 individuals.
I will only ship to the person that wins, no bidding for others to keep it fair.
Contest will end 10PM Wednesday Night April 27.
Be sure to check back between 10PM and Midnight to see if you won and provide me with you shipping address.
I have been crazy busy with work and other projects so may not be able to keep up wtih posts as well as I would like but will do my best.   I will be working Wednesday night but will try to be sure to find the winner soon as possible after 10PM CDT.
Plants are 2 to 4 inches tall and looking pretty good but need to be potted to a bigger container soon after getting them.  They have not seen the sun yet so will need to be hardened off appropriately for your area.  The White Devil's Tongue looks a little off, but last year all my WDT had curled leaves like this one also, so hopefully it will pull out of it with some warmth and a better home than my basement provides.
All plants started from open pollinated seeds.
Heres the varieties:
White Devil's Tongue
Jay's Peach GS x Primo
Bhut Choco / Rust
Yellow Dorset Naga
West Indian Yellow Habanero
CGN21500 x Barrackpore
A probably NOT Pink Tiger -leaves are not dark
Yellow Butch T
Brown Moruga