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Spicegeist 2014 - The Year of the Bhut

This year I'm growing primarily bhut/naga types.
Not much to look at now, but thought I'd kick things off since I'm already starting seeds:

Here's my list:
  1. Red Bhut
  2. Choco Bhut
  3. Yellow Bhut
  4. Peach Bhut
  5. Shabu Jolokia
  6. Naga King
  7. Naga Morich
  8. Naga Suomi
  9. Dorset Naga
  10. Guwahati Bhut
  11. Pale Bhut / Bih Jolokia
  12. Jay's Peach
  13. Fatalii
  14. Lota Bih
  15. C. galapagoense
jedisushi06 said:
After the first time i tried a bhut i was hooked on hot peppers.  How big are plants now spicegeist?
Here we go...
The Shabu Bhut is the second from the bottom right in this pic, not particularly vigorous, but it's doing alright:
Spicegeist said:
Here's a pic of my little cross from this morning:
This looks awfully familiar... I think I know what it is. I don't want to spill the beans tho. Everything is looking good Charles.

I sowed some more Tepin x 7 Pot seeds yesterday. The one I have going is stunted and it's not looking so hot.