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Start Me Up - 2022


The Rolling Stones, Nissan Stadium, Nashville, Oct. 9, 2021. My 13th (and possibly final) Stones show.

My first peppers for this season are starting to emerge and get transplanted waiting for spring to come. I took a cutting of the Scotch Bonnet Marabella Market Caramel that I had success with last year and put it a one gallon fabric pot. I'll either transplant the whole thing or take another cutting later on when it's about 8 weeks out from planting outside. See this post here for last year.


The first transplants:


Scotch Bonnet HSH (see this post)
Chocolate Bhutlah CS (Bohica Pepper Hut)
MA Purple (Texas Hot Peppers)

More to come...
Two more are starting to pop:

Death Spiral (Texas Hot Peppers)
T-Rex Mustard (White Hot Peppers)

This is the most superhots I've ever attempted. I still have two to go, if they germinate. Plus I still have my Jalapenos to get going. I'm going to be making a LOT of powder and hot sauce this year. That's what I get for shopping on Black Friday/Cyber Monday. :crazy:

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My Pockmark Peach (Texas Hot Peppers) has sprouted and my Datil (Baker Creek) is starting to pop. Today I started my Jalapenos. Back in 2017, I bought a Miracle Gro pod for the El Jefe variety and grew two successfully. I was looking through a drawer in my basement and found some other pods I must have bought right after Labor Day because they had a clearance sticker of 75 cents on them. I thought I might try and see if one of the pods might still germinate. I think in 2017 three seeds popped. We shall see.


This is what these things look like. I don't even know if they still make these or not. I remember you could buy cucumbers, tomatoes, bell peppers, and different herbs in these pods. If they don't come up, I have seeds from other varieties I can sow.

I still have one superhot left to germinate... I also sowed a mystery pepper, new for this year...


Here's a hint - it's a Scotch Bonnet.
I was just looking around at a vendor I've never purchased from before and they had 2 new SB varieties for this season. I bought one and another interesting pepper (not a SB). The seeds arrived Friday and I planted the SB today. The other one is for next year. If and when it pops, I'll reveal the mystery...
No sign of life yet from the Miracle Gro pod jalapenos... only been 7 days, though. But the mystery pepper has emerged.


Without further ado... the mystery pepper for 2022 is...

Sunset Peach Scotch Bonnet

I found this on the Tyler Farms website as a new pepper for 2022. They are known, I think, for the California Reaper. This pepper is a cross between a Yellow Scotch Bonnet and a Sunset Peach, their name for the CGN 21500.

Link to this pepper here
Link to info on CGN 21500 here

I thought I'd give this a try. It might suck, but we shall see. They also had another SB variety new for 2022 called Cotton Candy Scotch Bonnet but I liked the look of this one better.
Sunset Peach Scotch Bonnet
thought I'd give this a try. It might suck, but we shall see. They also had another SB variety new for 2022 called Cotton Candy Scotch Bonnet but I liked the look of this one better.
I'll be watching out for some great pix of these!

Looks like this crazy Miracle Gro plug has life in it. I didn't really have high hopes for this, but my jalapenos have popped. I'll give it a couple of days and then try to break them up and transplant them separately. It looks like pure coir that they are sown in, but its got some kind of binder in it that holds the whole plug together. I remember in 2017 it was harder than it looked to get them apart.

So it looks like the "tentative" pepper crop for this year is:

1 x Scotch Bonnet Marabella Market Caramel (WHP)
1 x Scotch Bonnet HSH (HSH)
1 x Sunset Peach Scotch Bonnet (Tyler Farms)
1 x Datil (Baker Creek)
1 x Chocolate Bhutlah CS (BPH)
1 x MA Purple (THP)
1 x T-Rex Mustard (WHP)
1 x Death Spiral (THP)
1 x Pockmark Peach (THP)
1 x Big Yellow Mama (WHP)
2 or 3 x El Jefe Jalapeno (Miracle Gro Pod)

I hope I can take care of all of these this year. Besides tomatoes, bell peppers, and cucumbers, I only grew 6 "spicy" peppers last year.
When I have had to separate tough plugs like that,
I have just cut the plugs with a sharp knife. In this case,
into 3 pie-shaped pieces. The roots that are cut will
sprout new root tips very quickly, so the little seed-
lings aren't adversely affected. Just planted the cut
plugs as is.

Looks like you got them separated in good fashion.
They should take right off!
Here's an update pic of the young plants (excluding jalapenos):


Front row (l to r): Sunset Peach SB, MA Purple, Pockmark Peach, Scotch Bonnet HSH
Back row (l to r): Datil, Death Spiral, T-Rex Mustard, Chocolate Bhutlah CS, Big Yellow Mama

Unlike most NORMAL growers, I staggered these things as I tried to decide which peppers I wanted to grow this year. They should all be okay by spring, I guess.
Just for fun, I took a cutting of the cutting I had growing of my caramel SB. I took the tiniest cutting I could on 01/27, wetted it and sprinkled it with root hormone powder. I placed it under a light in a dome. The two leaves I left on it finally dried up and fell off. I thought, oh well, so much for that. Two days ago, I saw tiny leaves emerging, so today I transplanted it into a seedling bag. I hope it takes off.