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Start Me Up - 2022


The Rolling Stones, Nissan Stadium, Nashville, Oct. 9, 2021. My 13th (and possibly final) Stones show.

My first peppers for this season are starting to emerge and get transplanted waiting for spring to come. I took a cutting of the Scotch Bonnet Marabella Market Caramel that I had success with last year and put it a one gallon fabric pot. I'll either transplant the whole thing or take another cutting later on when it's about 8 weeks out from planting outside. See this post here for last year.


The first transplants:


Scotch Bonnet HSH (see this post)
Chocolate Bhutlah CS (Bohica Pepper Hut)
MA Purple (Texas Hot Peppers)

More to come...
I lost an entire branch off my Sunset Peach SB... I think my cats did it. They roam around between the plants sometimes (especially when I'm watering and tending to them). It had about 16 peppers on it. I hung the branch upside down... hopefully some will ripen. I tasted an unripe one and it tasted good, more earthy than fruity. It wasn't as hot as I thought it would be, but I guess it is because it wasn't ripe. This break will slow the ones left on the plant down now, so I guess I still have to wait on some ripe ones.


In the meantime, I'm slowly starting to get some ripe pods on some of the other plants. I STILL do not have any pods yet on my T-Rex Mustard. It flowers, then the blooms fall off. The plant looks and seems healthy, though.

Here's a pic of some ripe pods I just picked:


MA Purple (top)
Big Yellow Mama (left)
Datil (right - first ripe pods)
Scotch Bonnet HSH (bottom - yes, they are starting to ripen!)
Those HSH certainly look nice (and so do the other ones of course 😁)! How's the heat and taste?
I picked a couple of my Chocolate Bhutlah CS's that were ripe today. I'm a little disappointed in the size of them (I'll post pics later when I can pick some bigger ones). They are about the size of my thumb from the tip to the joint below the fingernail. What they lack in size, however, they make up for in sheer bitter, floral heat... it is one MEAN pepper. I survived the whole thing eating two halves instead of the whole pod, though. I'm am NOT one of those folks who eat a whole pod at once... I eat them in chunks with my dinner. After I regained my taste buds and my eyes and nose stopped running, I ate one of the Datils. It was very citrusy, a tangerine flavor with habanero level heat. Then I consumed one of the SB HSH's... the least heat of the three, but still a nice heat level. It was by far the best tasting of the three, smooth as it could be with almost a buttery finish - definitely a winner in my book. I will definitely grow that pepper again.
Can you compare the HSH to any other scotch bonnet, like the papa dreadie? Just curious, as my HSH is only just beginning to develop flower buds. It's still a looooong wait for me... 🙄
I really can't compare... the caramel scotch bonnet last year was the first one I ever grew. I usually grow a habanero every year. After tasting that one and the HSH this year, I see why everyone loves scotch bonnets. It's a much cleaner taste than the habaneros... maybe a drop less hotter, too. I liked the caramel one last year a lot. It had a little more earthy taste than the HSH if I remember right. I'll try to compare the two side by side later in the season.
I had some more damage to my Sunset Peach SB due to another storm... I'm down to one good branch. I think some of them are finally starting to move toward ripening... keeping my fingers crossed. My caramel SB cutting is starting to pod.


One of the pods on my Death Spiral is now starting to turn. This one is turning out to be a pretty good plant.


I harvested some pods today, some MA Purples, HSH SB's, some Big Yellow Mamas, and some Chocolate Bhutlah CS's. I am disappointed in the size of the CB's... it tastes good, though, but HOT. The blue ribbon this year so far goes to the BYM... beautiful, tasty peppers and the plant is just cranking out pods.

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Here's a section of my Pockmark Peach plant and a few pods close-up. This thing has grown to be the tallest plant this year, easily 4 feet, taller than any of my Jalapenos. And it's growing in coco in a two gallon fabric bag. I think the two on the right in my hand are ripe/almost ripe. It's hard to tell on these... like the Sunset Peach SB... the amount of peach color I think depends on how much direct sunlight they receive during the day.

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I started harvesting some of the Sunset Peach Scotch Bonnets today. The stems are telling me they're ready. These are hard to tell when ripe... I expected more peach coloration. I took the biggest and best looking pod (not pictured but similar to the top center pod in this photo), cut it in half and harvested the seeds. After they dry a few days, I'll give them a germination test to see if they will sprout. I ate the bottom half, and it surprised me how hot it was. I ate one a couple of weeks ago that wasn't ripe and it had very little heat. It shocked me - it hit hard and fast... the taste was very good, an earthy SB taste, not bitter like a habanero. I think the HSH SB tastes better, but this one is definitely hotter than the HSH. I wish this plant hadn't been damaged... it had a lot of pods on the two broken branches. I will definitely grow this again. I really like the color of this pepper and the foliage.

The Death Spirals are starting to ripen. This is one of the coolest looking peppers I have ever grown. It just looks badass. I ate most of one last night and it is mean, just like my Chocolate Bhutlah pods. This pepper has a much cleaner taste, though, where the CB is really bitter. This thing seems to be producing really well and is a healthy plant. If you are a lover of superhots, this might be one for you. This is definitely a grow again pepper someday.

I left the Pockmark Peach pods that I thought were ready to pick on the branch a few extra days... I felt them today and they feel ripe... thus begins the harvest on another plant. These have a really nice color, I think. I haven't tasted them yet, though.

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OMG look at the colours - you guys are not helping my "chilli seed ban"
Hurry up and taste them JG - people need to know
I tasted the Pockmark Peach tonight. It's a lot like the MA Purple, but a tad hotter. It hits like a tank, and burns the back of the throat but good. The burn only lasts a couple of minutes, though, and begins to calm down. It and the MA Purple remind me of a Ghost pepper (which is one of the parents of the PP). The Death Spiral and Chocolate Bhutlah BUILD, and gets a hold of you like ugly on a monkey, and won't let go.

My opinion of the peppers I've grown so far heat wise, in mathematical terms (excluding jalapenos):

Chocolate Bhutlah > Death Spiral > Big Yellow Mama > Pockmark Peach > MA Purple > Sunset Peach SB > HSH SB > Datil

The best tasting "very hot" - HSH SB, SP SB. The best tasting "superhot" - DS, MAP.

I've come to an early conclusion this year - I OVERDID IT.

Here's today's harvest... I've already filled a one gallon ziplock bag. These will christen number two. I think I've got most of the colors of the pepper rainbow covered this year.