flavor Tastiest pepper?

Cumari du para is probably my hands down absolute favourite for flavour. Simply amazing little flavourful firecrackers.
MoA and P. Dreadie bonnets as well as I scream scorpion for chinenses.
Annuums, the absolute best I've tried were zapotec jalapenos. Jimmy Nardello and Bulls heart close behind.
Baccatum, damn near all I've tried. Fantasy, pineapple, bishops crown and red and orange starfish.
Frutescens I don't have a lot of experience with.
Pubescens, all of em! Love love love pubes!
Personally, agree this is completely subjective would be as follows:

Mild - Bishops Crown (baccatum)
Medium - Beth Boyd Scotch Bonnet (Chinense)
Hot - Ghost Bhut Jolokia (Chinense'ish)
Super hot - Yellow Bhutlah or Chocolate Trinidad Moruga Scorpion (Chinense)

All for the flavours, but the heat on those two super hots is incredible as well.

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I absolutely love the round pheno of aji mango!Sb7j red is another favorite of mine for middle of the road heat.For superhots I still am partial to the chocolate bhutlah sm.
Mild: Thai - Can't get enough, best yet - dry roast them!
Medium: Bahamian Goat - The sweet tropical flavor with a little kick
Hot: BOC - Goes good on just about anything
Superhot: Choc BBG7 - Naturally has a smoky flavor, makes great powder